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Kopa, Kiara and Kion

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Hey guys, this is the main one of 3 projects I said that I was working on.
since, I love the Lion King, Lion Guard and have read The Lion King 6 New Adventures books, I wanted to put Kopa, Kiara and Kion together all as cubs to see how it would turn out, and I have to say this turned out Pawsome!:happybounce: 

I Know you can tell that I used a base for this so I am going to leve a link to it here, so if you want to use it, you can! :)

Link to original base:…

I really hope you like this one, it took me forever to complete it. I think I've fainted. 

Any way, enjoy! :)

PS: next project coming out soon, I promise
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I'm glad you have Kopa with Kiara and Kion.

Everybody on Deviantart were telling me "Kopa doesn't exist", "Kiara is born at the end of the 1st 'Lion King' film", or something like that. (But it's hard for me to ignore what they've been saying. It's like saying "I have a bad memory".)

Anyway, I like your picture of Kopa, Kiara, and Kion.
And another thing, Kopa's eyes are actually red (or brown), which was said on a wiki Link.

It was also commented by ameth18, when looking at From Kion To Kopa Plush.
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Also another reason I changed them to a blue is because kion and kiara both have brown or red eyes, similar to nala so I decided that kopa should have similar coloured eyes as nala's 
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I'm glad you like it and for me, kopa is my favorite lion king character regardless of being only sub cannon.

Also, I originally made the eyes of kopa the same colour as cub simba, but I then decided to change it. I don't remember wh, but I did. I now take a proper look at it and think that I might change them back to that brown-ish red colour. 
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Hey dude it's me Johnny, awesome work mate! :) 
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Hey dude u never told me that you were on da. Also thanks! :)
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Your welcome dude! :)
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I can't wait to see some of your art, dude
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Well your in luck because I have some coming soon. :)
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I'm looking forward dude! :)
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