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Without Anesthesia Ch 3 - Graphite Confessions
As the days passed, the hospital grew progressively quieter. Soldiers trickled out of the tent flaps like muddy water down the side of a cliff—the generals not giving them any more reprieve than was absolutely necessary. They left with wounds still open, and hasty treatment instructions intended to prevent the spread of infection. A select few would have the good sense to return in the evenings for fresh bandages, but the majority would relish the ugly scars that marked improperly tended skin, treating even the most easily fixed blemishes like well-earned trophies of their victories.
Marinette did her best to tend to all of the soldiers equally—taking on both her allotted area, and approximately 30% of Chloé’s patients—but her thoughts continued to drift back to Private Agreste.
She no longer found him to be quite as puzzling as she had been before. She recalled his initially angelic appearance, nearly overshadowed by a deep sadness, and though of how begui
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Without Anesthesia - A Parish of Hellebores
“Let me have a look at it,” Marinette said, leaning across his body to get a better view of the ugly, garish wound that spread itself across his lower abdomen like a wilting Hellebore.
“W-what are you doing?” he asked, stiffening. It had been months since he had physical contact this intimate, and lifetimes since he’d been in such an innocently compromising position.
“Hmm?” she asked, pretending not to hear the question as she gently probed the wound. It had an interesting quality to it—not quite wet, and not quite dry—although she was relieved to find it blanched quickly and normally. She suspected the presence of the cut may have created a full thickness burn, while the surrounding area suffered only superficially. “I’m assessing the severity of your injury,” she answered, as though from a textbook.  She straightened up and continued: “From what I can see, some parts of the wound are going to be healin
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Without Anesthesia - Chapter 1 - Ardent Repose
The hospital tent was abuzz with both the groans of the freshly wounded, and the chatter of the recovering. The battle had been declared a victory. With minimal casualties, and a great deal of ground won, even those injured in the events of the day felt a certain gaiety towards the outcome, and the nurses tended to them with an exuberant fervor that suggested that there would be no more losses today.
It was across this sea of rambunctious bodies that she spotted him—sitting alone in a cot about three rows away from where she worked, carefully disinfecting a shrapnel wound in a soldier’s bicep. There was something almost angelic about the way he looked—far too perfect to be real—with his golden-blonde hair and peridot-green eyes. It certainly didn’t help that the never-quite-shut tent flaps were perfectly parted to illuminate him with a soft, golden glow. She couldn’t help but let her gaze linger, even as she attended to her patient. Of course, a soli
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Requiem for a Scarlet Wardrobe
Every girl in London is wearing Red today
Mary says her dress is the color of Roses
Evelyn says her dress is the color of Hearts
Sarah says her dress is the color of Lilies
But I know that my dress is the color of Blood
As is every other dress in London today
When I awoke that morning, it was to a tugging sensation on the hem of my sleeve. It was not exactly something that I was unaccustomed to, as I share my room with several other girls, but there was something pressing about that particular gesture. My eyes slowly adjusted to reveal Evelyn’s excited face mere inches from my own.
“Em,” she gasped, “They’re givin’ away dresses on the corner.”
“Dresses?” I asked, not comprehending. Dresses are expensive. They aren’t given away.
“Red dresses,” she beamed, “of ev’ry shape n size, Mary says.”
“But why are the giving them away?”
“Because they belong’ta some rich lady, and sh
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Her Butlers: Bloody by Pawpels Her Butlers: Bloody :iconpawpels:Pawpels 11 5 WallArt Look by Pawpels WallArt Look :iconpawpels:Pawpels 5 0 Artemis Slaps Wally by Pawpels Artemis Slaps Wally :iconpawpels:Pawpels 22 10
YJ--Chose-Your-Path Story P 3A
Young Justice Choose-Your-Path Story Part 3A
Artemis entered the TV room, dragging the Boy Wonder by the arm. He wasn't really trying to resist it seemed, but the awful sound of feet dragging on carpet made Superboy look up from the show he was watching. That, consequently, made Kid Flash look up too.
Artemis stopped Robin behind the couch and propped him up where she wanted him, as though he were her life sized Barbie and she was getting ready to play house. Next she went over to the couch and grabbed Kid Flash by the wrist and propped him up beside her Robin doll.
"What are you doing, Arty?" Wally asked, slightly annoyed but partially thankful for the interruption to the horrible TV show Conner had chosen to watch.
"I'm not doing anything," Artemis replied slyly.
The two life sized toys stood for a moment in their set positions, neither facing the other, staring straight ahead at the TV, not speaking.
"One sec," Artemis muttered. She walked over to the two and, gra
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SGPA Secret Santa for SAmaryllis by Pawpels SGPA Secret Santa for SAmaryllis :iconpawpels:Pawpels 1 21 Heaven, Please Sing for Me a Song of Life by Pawpels Heaven, Please Sing for Me a Song of Life :iconpawpels:Pawpels 18 17 Maybe a Lady by Pawpels Maybe a Lady :iconpawpels:Pawpels 3 2 Ember VS Danny by Pawpels Ember VS Danny :iconpawpels:Pawpels 23 5 My Scarlet Pony: Adultery is Magic by Pawpels My Scarlet Pony: Adultery is Magic :iconpawpels:Pawpels 0 3 Kaoru is Amazing With Photoshop by Pawpels Kaoru is Amazing With Photoshop :iconpawpels:Pawpels 9 3 HELP ME CHOOSE by Pawpels HELP ME CHOOSE :iconpawpels:Pawpels 0 15 Whatever You Say by Pawpels Whatever You Say :iconpawpels:Pawpels 30 25


Pyrrha Nikos Cosplay, by Fae from Congress Cosplay by oOPrincessLinkOo Pyrrha Nikos Cosplay, by Fae from Congress Cosplay :iconooprincesslinkoo:oOPrincessLinkOo 13 1 Scarlet Duo - Kuroshitsuji by Vulgar1sm Scarlet Duo - Kuroshitsuji :iconvulgar1sm:Vulgar1sm 351 37 Scarlet Death by Vulgar1sm Scarlet Death :iconvulgar1sm:Vulgar1sm 98 5 They say you're the King by SunshineAlways They say you're the King :iconsunshinealways:SunshineAlways 21 6 kimono miku by DaisyPhantom kimono miku :icondaisyphantom:DaisyPhantom 16 15 Archers of Mirkwood by celticruins Archers of Mirkwood :iconcelticruins:celticruins 198 13 Red by Dantelian Red :icondantelian:Dantelian 262 43 Female to Male Crossplay Makeup Tutorial by Vilya0 Female to Male Crossplay Makeup Tutorial :iconvilya0:Vilya0 7,315 840 What my cousin thinks of Hetalia Characters by DjRoguefire What my cousin thinks of Hetalia Characters :icondjroguefire:DjRoguefire 14 35 Wig Tutorial: 2 high ponytails by nekomiKasai Wig Tutorial: 2 high ponytails :iconnekomikasai:nekomiKasai 835 144 Elizabethan Ruff Tutorial by Bllacksheep Elizabethan Ruff Tutorial :iconbllacksheep:Bllacksheep 407 29 How to make Props with Plastidip and Foam Sheets by RuffleButtCosplay How to make Props with Plastidip and Foam Sheets :iconrufflebuttcosplay:RuffleButtCosplay 1,465 53
Ano oka de
Ano oka de
Kami de tsukutta
Hikouki wa
Sakura ni ochita
Sagashiteiru ko
On that hill
A paper-made
Fell in the cherry blossoms
A searching child
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Removing the shine to your wig by Alexamadden Removing the shine to your wig :iconalexamadden:Alexamadden 3,004 259



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Submitting on Deviantart tends to be tedious so I'm probably going to leave altogether. Actually, I already did but I didn't say anything... 

Anyways, my cosplay page on Facebook is Pawpels Cosplay and my Tumblr is Pawpels as well (Not too difficult, eh?) so if you want to keep up with me that's where I'll be. 

I'll probably still check here from time to time though, but maybe not as much... 

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