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The squad as magical girls by pawniards The squad as magical girls by pawniards
Oh my gosh.. as soon as I saw the recent Sun and Moon anime episode clips on Twitter, I HAD to draw the squad as magical girls! It's too perfect to resist! :giggle:

Zayden (Hoopa): I shall destroy evil with my powerful HOOPA DONUTS! Summoning the powered up HOOPA DONUTS! *anime magical girl transformation* I, the angel descended from your local bakery! I, Zayden will cream you up with extra jamming moxie with my Extra Sprinkles Frosty Doughnut! *pose*

Maximus (Marshadow): You never knew that I have this Z-Crystal which can summon my TRUE POWER! Soon, your soul shall be in my possession! *anime magical girl transformation but cooler* You can't see me but I can see you. Haha! With my fluffy and soft to the touch appearance who also holds the meanest punches, can you stand up against the Soul Stealing Soft Shadow? *poses*

Yoko (Victini): AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! *anime magical girl transformation but screams while doing so* AHHHHHHHHH!!! ......Thanks, I hate it... *slumps down*

Also, none of the three are girls. I just wanted to draw really cute clothes and designs on them~ (Except Yoko, he's there for comedic reasons)
Naitoh Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
pffff that's just cute and hilarious at the same time XD
poor Victini is so done with it~ 
Xyvier Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2019  Student Traditional Artist
Aww, they are soo adorable! And I think someone doesn't like being.. uhh part of it, but they STILL look cute X3
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