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Tickling Mommy Hinata

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Speed drawing. Haven't drawn a Hinata tickling pic in a while.  

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Adorable family fun :D
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Thanks very much. :)
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Adorable picture!  Himawari valiantly defending her mommy from Daddy's wicked fingers (though it doesn't look like she's having much success), but I'm not sure how interested Hinata is in being saved.  Mayber it's just me, but I think Hinata looks like she's loving having her feet tickled by her Naruto-kun.

Well - Its great laugh time and workout at the same time for young mother) She is retired from missions so she should stay fitt^)

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I’m sure she’s having a grand ol time. :)
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I knew it!  It's always the quiet ones. ;)  Too bad Himawari doesn't realize that her mommy is having a ball. She's literally the only person in the picture who doesn't look happy.
Aww, little Himawari looking out for her mama. Don't worry little one, Daddy's not gonna hurt mommy. She'll just be a little tired for a while. (Himawari should be glad that she doesn't have the attention of he father and brother at the moment...)
Also, why is Boruto so happy? Is he enjoying the moment or something?
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Love this comment.
But still why is Boruto smiling so much? He's just standing there.

Maybe its often tickle challenge for Hinata. Boruto could use tickle on his mom or sis for workout purpose: tickle abdominal muscles and something like that)

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Himawari doesn't seem pleased about her mother's predicament. 
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Yeah. She thinks she’s being bullied lol
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Isn't that cute?
This is adorable, but looks like the little girl is angry her is getting tickled, tho the boys sure are having fun. Anyway great work! I really like your ideas and sense of humor, not only your art. 

Himawari trying to save her lovely mo from tickle torture^) And maybe Naruto used this method with Hinata a lot and that's why Himawari is angry)

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thanks very much
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This is just too cute and hot all at once! Cute as in this is an adorable family moment, and, for once, Lord Hokage isn't busy in the office while spending time with Boruto.

Hot,'s Hinata! Even more so now that she is quite the MILF in all the hidden leaf.;)
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lol. thanks for the comment.
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Welcome. Stashy always loves seeing Hinata in these situations.:heart:
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Mengajarkan anak yang 'baik',lol
(Teaching kids 'good' stuffs,lol)

Anyways,it's quite heartwarming.
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thanks very much
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