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Black (Melanistic) Lion

used picture -…

Look too on the wallpaper with black lion

I always want to see a black lion =D
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That looks so awesome! I wish that animal was real though because it's my favorite wild cat. :nod:
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Is that a real lion?
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nope :D its just a photomanipulation
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Oh.. it looks so real!
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Is this a real black lion?
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Nope, it's photomanipulation, here's the original photo:…

It's great looking though!!
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# Sebastian michaelis spirit animal
Did you use photoshop to do this? Iv been trying to take other photos of lions and edit them to look "melanistic" for wallpaper etc but I cant seem to get it to turn out just like that. 
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If only these existed IRL :P
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I'm FOR genetic engineering!  Let's clone all endangered animals, and establish nature preserves/human cities where people could actually mingle with herds of semi-wild animals, on their lunch breaks(!).  Let's terra-form the world's deserts, and then Luna and Mars, and beyond.
Best, Jim
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This makes me wish black lions were real.  The edit is so beautiful.
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Color correction is ideal
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Коррекция цвета идеально подходит+fav 
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Beautiful animal!
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This lion is so beautiful and the whole world . I have been dreaming about seeing a black lion in person one day and I hope I can where did you take this give the zoo or something so can go and see it someday .:):):):)
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There is no such thing as a black lion. This photo has been edited; it states this in the description.
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Oh ok but I have this feel that their could be black lions .;);););););)
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Well, that feeling is incorrect. There are no black lions; it's actually thought that they lack the genes for melanism, from what I've been told.
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