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Black Lion wallpaper

I never say that my photo manipulation of Black Lion will be very popular but a lot of people want a wallpaper with black lion. I made it .

used picture - [link]
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Et il y a des gens qui ont cru que les lions noirs existaient à travers une des versions de cette photo
Bien joué PAulie-SVK
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Oh god. Tumblr is losing it's shot over this because people think it is real.
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Would you mind of I used a copy of this?
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This has been circulating around Tumblr a lot with the poster saying this is a legit black Lion. XD
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Some people are actually thinking this is a rare condition. XD
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I'm very impressed!
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It amazes me how this still floats around facebook, thinking its real XD
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Nice skills with PS.
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I saw this on tumblr just now, I added you as the source. It's a really neat edit you have everyone convinced.
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Photoshop is amazing! :)
Absolutely Gorgeous! Stunning work!
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Big polemic on facebook now, they think black lion exists ans used your 3 retouched pictures to prove it...
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Absolutely breathtaking. He is a majestic creature indeed.
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If just one like that would exist :D
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If I wasn't well trained with photos I would think this was real XD lOL
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great job. I have heard that they might have existed once in nature but now no longer exist. nice and amazing work.
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Fantastic! How did you make it?
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Beautiful work! May I use a copy, I adore this!
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