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Rhythm Troupe Smashified

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Rhythm Troupe brings a beating! Timelapse here:…

I was inspired by 
:iconhextupleyoodot:'s Smashified series to make a Smash Bros Wii U-styled character entirely from scratch. I learned a lot along the way.

I've made several "alternate costumes" for smash bros characters before, but I had always used pre-existing assets to create them. I wanted to make a character that probably wouldn't appear in the official smashified series anytime soon, and a character that hasn't appeared as a 3D render before. I'm a big fan of Rhythm Heaven, and I particularly like the odd, grab-bag mix of characters it has. 

In my mind, You control the girl whose movements are based around dance, and her different attacks summon various characters and items from the Rhythm Heaven series. The monkey is a permanent fixture on her back (similar to the duck of Duck Hunt) and the Chorus Boys are her neutral-B attack.

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I have to tell professorfandango how good this artwork is.

It's really good, I believe on you.

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As much as they could be a great addition
i don’t feel the franchise deserves it yet Y’know 
if anything Earthbound and Zelda needs more/better representation (Earthbound with Porky and Zelda with someone that ISNT LINK)
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It looks as if she will mass murder the entire roster 
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So she would be to Smash Bros with dance and music as Peacock is to Skullgirls and vintage cartoons? I'm game. I'm always up for wacky characters like that. I thought Wii Fit, Pac-Man, Duck Hunt, and GW were excellent choices, and with your idea of using various Rhythm Heaven stuff would be a cool concept. I'm going to go play a Rhythm game just to see what kinda stuff she could do.
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I haven't played Skullgirls, but I'm excited that you're going to play a Rhythm Heaven game. I love them so much.
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It's basically Street Fighter but instead of martial artists, it has anime girls. Using a Smash Bros characters, I meant the Rhythm Troupe would reference their games the way GW does his.
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Pavlovs-Walrus Funny you say that but they were gonna add the little chorus, but do to the fact that barely any of the games are in America...
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Wubba dubba dub, is that true?
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Woah You go Big Guy
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I wonder what her trophy description would be?
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Dear Nintendo:

     Please add this character to Smash.
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Without a doubt, this would be the perfect Rhythm Heaven rep! Nintendo, make this happen!
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I wonder what their Final Smash could be?
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Their final smash is "Interview." When you have the final smash glow, press the B button and the monkey will hurl his microphone horizontally. If it hits an opponent, then there is a brief cutscene wherein the monkey pops up and does a monkey language version of the "wubba dubba dub is that true?" line, he then hold the mic up to the opponent who looks around confusedly. Before your opponent has a chance to answer, a wrestleman pops up and yells "YAAAA!" which launches your foe away.
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i think what would be even more fitting was if she said "WOAH you go big guy!" (is secretly gary oaks daughter) which then the wrestler pops in punching the opponent with his fist, before he sends them flying upwards with his uppercut to flex his muscles.
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Sounds pretty fitting for the Rhythm Troupe! BTW, has anyone voted for Rhythm Girl? Don't forget, the Smash Ballot ends tomorrow!
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This would be totally interesting, better than the chorus boys, karate joe and wrestler joe alone combined.
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Alone Combined would be a good album title.
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