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Disney Pokemon trainer : Tinkerbell

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what would peter or hook (or even Wendy or Jane's) pokemon teams would be like

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Hook, might be all or mostly water type; Peter, as I know, maybe fairy type

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What if Peter is a fairy/flying type?

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wants to fight!
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Where's Peter Pan?
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Fairy Tale Girl Tinkerbell
Very nice.  She has a very cute look as a trainer and has a good selection of Pokemon.  The jacket's a nice touch.  That said, it would have been nice if you'd included a Steel type like Klinklang or Klefki since she works with pots, pans, and other metal things.
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love it. the top is genius
Great pic of Tinkerbell as a Pokemon trainer.:D (Big Grin) 
These cross-overs are very cool! You could do some more with male characters as well!!!
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Yeah! I draw Aladdin! ;D 
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I was hoping she’d be having a Torterra or a Dedenne on her side
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Why a Torterra? For represent Neverland? 
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Oh my gosh this one is amazing!  And I adore that you made her jacket purposely have a tail that mirrors her wings!  Great job!
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Yes completely! As the fairies do not really exist in the world of the pokémon (except the type haha), it needed something to evoke her wings, I hesitated with a scarf but I thought the muslin jacket be more original!
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I think it is more original!  You have a brilliant mind!
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Thanks again >w<
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You did a great job with Tink's outfit design, plus the pokemon fit her perfectly. XD
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Thank youuu! I wanted to evoke her fairy wings with her muslin jacket!
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