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Disney Pokemon trainer : Rapunzel

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I kinda wish that she had a Ponyta as Maximus

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Takeshi (Heart Eyes) [V1] : Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down thou hair so i may get tangled up in her shining locks.

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(Either Misty, Max, or Dawn drag him by the ear)
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That never stopped him.

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Yeah! Both Cassandra and Eugene!
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Sweet! Can you do a team for Cassandra?

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Artist Rapunzel
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Any reason for the team of Kecleon, Sunflora, Treecko, Smeargle, (Mega) Amharos, and Tangela?
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If I had to guess,

Kecleon is supposed to be her pet Chameleon Pascal
Sunflora is symbolic of the Sun Flower which gave Rapunzel her hair and healing powers
Treecko... is also reminiscent of Pascal?
Smeargle is because Rapunzel loves painting (all the tower walls are covered in her murals)
Ampharos (Mega) is probably because of its crazy hair... like Rapunzel’s.
And Tangela is another play on her hair, but more on how it can get in the way, and also... her movie is “Tangled”... not sure why it isn’t a Tangrowth though.

Hope I could help!
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I guess it only makes sense for a girl with big hair to have a Pokemon with big har too, huh?

But Tangela, heh? :XD: (I know it makes sense, it's just hilarious to me)
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I am impresionated with your capacity in mix Disney and Pokémon;
Well done! I love your draws!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Is there a possibility for Flynn for a future project?
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I think she would have ponyta too, since she loves Maximus so much.
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Why just the pic of MegaAmphoros in there?
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Because it has a long silky mane xD
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Ok I guess that makes sense.
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Love the art, but she should have a horse type pokemon, since Max was very important in the movie. 
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Yes it's true but I prefer Max to be one of Flynn's pokemons
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Awww I very love your idea on Disney/Pokemon crossover! 
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dat frying pan (`v`) 
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This is THE frying pan (╯✧∇✧)╯
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