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Disney Pokemon trainer : Pocahontas

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I love your art, but where's Zigzagoon!? For the Racoon pal that's always stealing crackers <3

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I feel Zigzagoon and Pikipek should be here to represent the raccoon and hummingbird (haven't seen the movie enough to remember their names), respectively.

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That's it. After faving so many, you my friend, are getting a watch!!

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Pokemon Ranger Pocahontas
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Pro tip: Don't draw native americans with red skin 
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Love this redesign. Curiously the way she look here reminds me of Kira/Psi from 'Once upon a time...' animation from long ago.
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why,,, is she,,,red???????????????????????
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Alright, this is good Pokémon art, I'm asking for more!
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I'm surprised Natu or Xatu didn't make the cut!
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I still hate the Disney whitewashing of history but thanks for not "sexing" her up like other fan artists do. Really nice
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I really like how you did her... You just got yourself another follower :+fav:
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Thaaaanks >v< ♥
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You are most welcome :D
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Amazing, as usual!  And I love the detail of her shawl!  Nice touch!
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Thaaank you! ヾ(*ゝω・*)ノ
I recognize that her shawl was not easy to draw! Especially because of the folds and the way he falls on her shoulders and hugs her arms!
DigidestinedAzukia's avatar
You're welcome!  Yeah, it looks like the folds would be hard to do!  I appreciate you were able to do it!
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She looks so amazing! Love the details you did on her!
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Thaaaanks! >v<
It seems to me that it was she who took the most time to draw!
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