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Disney Pokemon trainer : Elsa and Anna

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if only we get an water/ice type for elsa too...

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Ash and Queen Elsa are best friends. She acts as a mother figure to him.

if this was done now, there would likely be Galarian Darmanitan in there

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Brunie would be a blue clone Charmander

Rock Giants would be a Regirock

The Water spirit would be a Kingdra

Gale would be a Togekiss

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Battle duo tag, 2-on-2 battle
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One major flaw in their team: all their Pokémon are weak to Rock-types.
Also, great designs, but Anna wearing a winter coat while all her Pokémon are Fire-types just doesn't seem right.
My daughter love it
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I bet my friend Erik would be very happy to see this.  
:iconsupermariomaster170: - The Arendelle Sisters as Pokemon trainers? Sounds really cool and adorable. 
Me: Yep. 
I will draw what would Max and Debbie Goof look like if they appear in My Hero Academia too. 
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So cute!! This would be an adorable cosplay too!! I love your artwork <3
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I honestly think Elsa would be good friends with Lorelei of the Elite Four!
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Mysterious Sisters Elsa and Anna
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A very interesting approach to this :)
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This one is probably my favorite! Though i feel Anna should wear a different color of clothing in contrast to her sister.

Here's an idea: You could make Anna's coat black and green with a floral pattern like the dress she had at the beginning of the movie.
Great pic of Elsa and Anna as Pokemon trainers. I also like the selection of their Pokemon, with Elsa having all ice-type Pokemon and Anna having all fire-type Pokemon.:D (Big Grin) 
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What is Elsa's second Pokemon? This Art Is Awesome by the way!!!
That would be Ninetales in it's Alola form, where it's an ice-type.
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Why is Anna wearing blue if her element is Fire? 
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I tried with red but I thought it was most beautiful in blue than red ^^
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Oh okay. Thanks for explaining.
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Wow, I like it very much
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