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Possession WIP

By pav327
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Very cool. I think the halo would have still made a neat addition as another interesting light source.
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Thank you! Yeah, it felt too cramped at the time, so I decided to leave a bit more head space up there. And additionaly it made her look more like a guarding angel rather than a spirit that took over the dude.
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woah dude!! this is so beautiful! is this on photoshop?
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Yup, it is Photoshop. Thanks!
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What`s happening in this picture?
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It's a warrior that was possessed by a spirit. I had this little story in my head about a knight who was ordered to kill an evil witch or sorceress, but after he did it her soul infused into his body because magic. And now when they share the same body and thoughts, the warrior realised that the witch never had "evil" intentions and it's he and his commanders who are "evil". He agrees to desert his duties and to find a way to transfer her soul to an another vessel so she could live on in her own new body. And, while they were at it, they manage destroy those who ordered the knight to kill the witch in the first place because why not. And after all that they lived happily ever after.
Looks like the ghost's commanding him to raise his right arm and lower his left. 
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