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free 1h lecture! everyone should hear -…
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Wild Blue Yonder - a 5 issue full color series.
by Zach Howard, Mike Raicht and Austin Harrison

check out this awesome indie project on KICKSTARTER and support! -…

btw, almost 10 years ago Zach :iconspacefriend-krunk: was the reason I newer stopped drawing. funny, but it's true! go visit him!
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saddest news ever. wacom has became a total piece of shit. and people been lied to, experimented on and etc.
for ex. after  Oct 2010 they have changed their cover sheets to smooth/slippery/shiny ones. but after a while... they've returned the fail on sale. lie to us and selling out their crap again.
you'll be surprised by the whole thing being useless for work. nibs being changed every few days!!…

currently there are lots of posts like mine. people getting tired. too bad WACOM is a leading company and there is barely anything to be compared to/chose from.
anyways, meanwhile, I'm getting back to my intuos3, "the joy of life"..

I've never ever felt so badly tricked. spent a bunch of money on a headache.... fuck this shit!
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:iconinetiko: - Inetiko
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Am drawing a tribute for Jeż Jerzy the movie (2011) by :iconlesniak: right now

join me livestream -… .)

EDIT: the image is going to be posted laterz
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bored tonight? lets get bored together!
livePauZak livestream -…


join in if you can! .)

thnx for dropping by!
especially to :iconero-47: and Mika. Wouldn't make it through the night without you guys!
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:star:    :pointr: My Blog :pointl:
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:star:    :pointr: My Blog :pointl:</acronym> </b>
:star:   <acronym title="PauZak's studio - "FOQS studio" -">:pointr:   FOQS studio :pointl:</acronym> </b>
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