What content would you like to see more of pixel art about?
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Characters design/portraits



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I click 'characters design/portraits', I look at what everyone else voted...33%, 33%, 33%, 0%. Nice.

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I like depictions of towers, narrow houses, colours against black, nostalgia for a dream I never had, and the melancholy of change.

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Colors against black! You reminded me of a sketch that I saved and never finished!

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Sketches are cool. Well, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pixel-sketch, so I don’t know if they have any of the same rawness and charm as drawn sketches. (Don’t know how pixel-art is made.) I suppose some of the effect of unpolishedness must be present, at least.

Did you ever happen to play a game called The Adventures of Captain Comic (if you had a computer 30 years ago)? It starts out in a nighttime-environment. Darkness can be like a blanket sometimes. Closing out the harshness. Light can be so cold.

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Haha the sketches are usually a chaos of shapes and colors, they are more than anything guides to know where to start drawing later, to see compositions, color harmonies, etc. Some of these days I will upload some examples-

I did not know that game, from what I see it is for DOS! I am surprised by the level of pixel art that it has, more with the limitations of colors and sizes that existed at that time!

(sorry for my bad english x.x)