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THE FACE by Pauper-Circumstance THE FACE :iconpauper-circumstance:Pauper-Circumstance 3 1 Hallstatt by Pauper-Circumstance Hallstatt :iconpauper-circumstance:Pauper-Circumstance 5 2 Castle Ruins by Pauper-Circumstance Castle Ruins :iconpauper-circumstance:Pauper-Circumstance 3 2 View of Salzburg by Pauper-Circumstance View of Salzburg :iconpauper-circumstance:Pauper-Circumstance 3 3 Abbey in Melk by Pauper-Circumstance Abbey in Melk :iconpauper-circumstance:Pauper-Circumstance 5 2
Little Worries
Worry about life,
it worries not for me.
These things I carry,
so worrisome.
A test this week,
two essays the next.
Homework! do not forget,
Try and do your best.
Books and paper
         and pencils
             and pens
weigh me down
Yet the anchor,
sinking me,
my mind,
my heart,
are those,
simple, complex,
little things,
called emotions.
will my grandma make it?
what about my mom?
my aunt and uncle driving crazy,
like ants over bodies.
My father and brother,
work, work, work, work,
My dog,
alone, alone, alone, alone.
My friends,
are they alright?
My dearest one,
so loooong I haven't seen
These worries, these
things I carry,
with me.
I have to,
need to,
I care.
:iconpauper-circumstance:Pauper-Circumstance 1 12
Snow Westie by Pauper-Circumstance Snow Westie :iconpauper-circumstance:Pauper-Circumstance 5 2 Book of my father by Pauper-Circumstance Book of my father :iconpauper-circumstance:Pauper-Circumstance 2 15
The Three Doors
The man awoke to a blinding light, scourging his eyes until the man was forced to keep them closed for a substantial amount of time. His mind raced, wondering where he was that there would be such a potent light. A police station maybe? He didn’t hear any muttering or voices. In fact, there was no sound at all. The man regained strength in his eyes and opened them once more, prepared for the blinding light. He squinted, waiting for the light to subside, and it did, slowly. He tried his best to search his surrounding, but he could not make out much. Then, towards the back, appeared the silhouette of a man.
“Who are you?” asked the squinting man, commonly referred to as Thomas. It took a few seconds for the stranger to reply.
“It matters not who I am, but what stands behind me,” the stranger replied, referencing to three ominous doors behind him. Thomas rose from his bed, placing his blanked on top of his pillow. He walked carefully towards the stranger, try
:iconpauper-circumstance:Pauper-Circumstance 3 5
lost, not found
I find myself
defying deaf noises
screaming voiceless cries
thinking thoughts of naught.
has dropped its “why”
leaving me
lost in a forsaken wasteland
smiles have turned
upside down
the fire I touch
burns like ice.
I wander
in my memories
and dreams.
hopes have turned
to ash
when I reach to collect them,
revive them
they slip through my fingers
burying themselves
in the world’s earthly tomb.
I find myself
searching for answers
only finding
more questions,
more doubts
I seek guidance,
a path.
yet I find before my feet
no roads to lead me there
where do I go now?
:iconpauper-circumstance:Pauper-Circumstance 4 3
longing the lost
you can’t hear my cries
my wailing in the corner
every lonely moment
i think of what
we used to be
the snarky remarks
the annoying gestures
the constant teasing
our wonderful bond
i cry for those moments,
that seem so long ago
at a time when
i thought
things got better
i guess
i was young
you may have forgotten
but i haven’t
those moments of laughter
and joy
and friendship
even though we hadn’t met
i felt i knew you
and you knew me
there was harmony
in our words
going step and stone
i long for these moments again,
i long for them so much
i’m so lonely
i scour old messages
to make me feel wanted
to remember those times
those grand old times
i try leaving messages unread
making believe they’re new
yet knowing their the past
my past our past passed
i wondered a year ago
where we’d be today
i wondered with hope
and excitement
and wonder
i only look towards the past
for those emotions
i want them back
i want them so bad
yet inside my heart
:iconpauper-circumstance:Pauper-Circumstance 4 9
Run, trees, run
Run, trees, run,
Leave your roots behind.
The air screams fowl,
The rain burns all binds.
Escape, leaves, escape,
Flee your master’s grasp.
The dirt bleeds like sand,
The time-glass has passed.
Flee, branches, flee,
Go deep underground.
The fire rages with storms,
Best be far from home.
Fly, twigs, fly,
Let the wind carry you high.
Seek solitude in clouds,
The land has betrayed you now.
The sun has left,
Engulfed by moonlit fumes
If the brightest star does not stay,
Then why do you?
Forests, dear forests,
Your time has come to an end.
Search for oceans or seas of stars,
For the ground rages fire,
To all in its path.
:iconpauper-circumstance:Pauper-Circumstance 3 13
keeping me down
why hate gravity?
keeps me d
:iconpauper-circumstance:Pauper-Circumstance 7 8
Who Are You Looking At? by Pauper-Circumstance Who Are You Looking At? :iconpauper-circumstance:Pauper-Circumstance 3 7
The Boy and the Sailor
The little boy stopped in front of the elder sailor, admiring the man’s stagnant position along with his strong posture. The sailor continued to smoke his decrepit pipe, unaware of the boy staring at him. The boy contemplated what he should do- whether to tap the man before asking him questions or just to start asking them aloud. As the boy pondered over what he should do, the old sailor finally took notice of the well-dressed school boy in front of him.
“What do ya want, sonny?” the sailor asked.
“I don’t rightly know, sir,” the nervous boy replied.
“Ain’t ya or ain’t ya not goin’ ask me something?”
“I’m not sure what to ask you.”
“Well, ya better ask me quick cause I’m liable to drop dead any second.”
“Lemme think, sir. Why do you wear your anchor tattoo on your leg instead of your arm?”
“Keeps me grounded this way I don’t fly away like them balloons.”
:iconpauper-circumstance:Pauper-Circumstance 7 19
Just Another Trip to the Garden by Pauper-Circumstance Just Another Trip to the Garden :iconpauper-circumstance:Pauper-Circumstance 1 3

Random Favourites

Haiku II
a heavenly gem;
Paradise shines upon her
majestic presence
:iconchezzy-am:Chezzy-Am 8 36
Haiku Ika-Unom
the morning mist fades
a golden sun revealed
her eyes kept westward
:iconragesaavs:ragesaavs 21 6
She is ice-cold, my snow-girl. Ice-cold, and snow-white, as beautiful as the frost-rimed spiderswebs lacing our tree. Ice-cold.
I wrapped her in my coat - see? - but still she holds the Winter in her heart, clings to the ice and the snow and the frost and the steel-surgical-blue of the sky, blue as her eyes (roll back her eyelids, see for yourself. As blue as betrayal, my snow-girl's eyes), and she will not warm herself, no, not for all my asking.
I wrapped her in my coat, and I wound my scarf around her neck three times (you see? Three. Three is lucky. Three threes is magic, but my scarf is not that long), but still she holds the ice and the snow and the frost at the heart of her and she will not warm herself, no, not for all my pleading.
I wrapped her in my coat, and I wound my scarf around her neck, and I covered her feet (you see? Such tiny feet, my snow-girl has. So small. Like doll's feet, china-white), but still she holds the Winter in the heart of her, and she will not wake and
:icongentlemananachronism:GentlemanAnachronism 164 39
Mature content
Out of the Sun's Shadow :iconfragmentedreams:FragmenteDreams 6 2
In a mirrors reflection
I see no affection.
In a simple mistake
my eyes can't erase
The pain won’t subside
It’s content to hide.
Then appears unwanted
and reveals those haunted
Memories created
by demons now faded
Into the darkness screaming
while I lay dreaming
of a world without life
where nightmares suffice.
Still your body lays dormant
this mirror is my torment
I can't stand to bare
this unmerciful stare.
This blood won’t let rinse
and my smile can’t convince
my soul to let go
of the pain I don’t show.
A self offered apology
dipped in hypocrisy
can’t stem the tide
of the insanity inside.
I can't run from the past
this silence won't last
this secret's the enemy
revealing the end of me…
:iconclockerzero:ClockerZero 9 7
The Dwarf and The Ring Wraith
The creature was late.
Checking the position of the sun in the sky, Pacsa heaved in a great lungfull of pipe weed through his pipe before looking back at the entrance to the village. Instead, the old dwarf let the gentle rays of the sun beat down upon his cheeks, savouring the silence, knowing that soon, everything would change. He had arrived in the sleepy little village not long ago and seeing the bustle of smiling townsfolk, Pacsa felt a momentary pang of guilt, knowing that very soon, their peaceful existence would be jarred completely. The dwarf took no comfort in the thought, but it couldn't be helped. Soon he would come.
Suddenly, he felt it.
The warmth in the air dipped startlingly fast, plunging several degrees and Pacsa felt the goosebumps rise on his skin. The summer air had turned to a wintery chill that rivalled the Misty Mountains surrounding Moria. That could mean only one thing; he was here.
Taking in a slow breath, Pacsa clamped his hands over his ears, ready. And then
:iconmeeoko:Meeoko 4 14
h a l f glass
If you were to say to me is your glass half full or half empty.
I would reply with this.
A glass half empty has already filled,
Because you cannot fill a glass empty.
So we have to assume that half of the substance,
In the glass has been taken out.
A glass half empty means you had lots and it has been taken from you,
A glass half full implies there are limitations to ones fullness.
Of both I am neither,
My reply will be,
I drink from the bottle.
:iconvondlini:VonDlini 6 20
My words are flightless birds
     Hey, is it okay now?
     Is it alright to tell you how
     I cannot eat,
     I cannot sleep, I always,
     Always want to weep
     I look for you in lonely corners
     Of bus-bus-busy streets;
     Turn around
           You are nowhere to be found
Can you keep my secret?
I don't want to keep
Let me spill, shout it out
I long to know all you're about
I want to feel
Your steady gaze
Stuck on my skin
As I graze
Your lips with mine; I cannot find
My head, lost in a maze
Of you
I am unscrewed, feigning
     My words are flightless
     Birds whose
     Heartbeats cause erratic echoes
     In my rib-cage
     Since God knows
     When; I hum along
     This broken song
Make me, break me
Overtake me
Love me till I cannot
Till all I taste
Sans you is bland
Love me while holding my hand
Tell me all I long to hear
Force me to see
How you fear
Losing me; Certainly,
Prove me wrong
Show me how men can love
So strongly
           I am mesmeri
:iconsammur-amat:Sammur-amat 10 73
Whimsy and Suicide
For ages, we were
Trapped between the pages of
A tattered, paperback book- simply
Gathering the dusts
Of all the lifetimes we never
Dared to dream for.
I can see their reflections
In the galaxies escaping our mouths:
You were right about the light.
It is so much prettier from far away.
Last night, I dreamt of darkness
And suffocating. You
Took my hand and told me thickly
That everything was going to be alright
And I didn't have to remember
How to breathe anymore.
:iconsomethingoncesacred:SomethingOnceSacred 12 10
Mature content
I was a hero, you know. :iconcionie:Cionie 13 24


So I saw "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" on Friday and here are my thoughts (spoiler-free, cause I hate spoilers):

It was... definitely an AWESOME movie, and I would recommend it to people who love comic books or just like having a good time at the movies. :D :D :D :iconbatmanplz: :iconsupermanplz:

1. The movie is getting so much hate it is not even funny anymore. I've seen reviews for the movie ranging from "It had no plot! It's all pointless fighting!" to "I had too much complex plot and not enough fighting" to, and this one is the worst, "I don't want to think during my superhero movies". Seriously??? Eight Blank
I think it is just people think it is "COOL" to hate on the movie, and yeah, that's fine. Yes, there are plot holes, but there are plots holes in EVERY MOVIE! I've seen some reviewers call it the worst superhero movie ever, and you know they are full of crap. I'm not saying it is impossible to dislike the movie, but anyone who says, "OH IT SUCKED WURST MOVIE EVER LOL" is... a troll. Yeah. Don't believe them.

2. As for the cast, Ben Affleck was fantastic as Batman, and 90% of the world owes him an apology. He was brutal, dark, complex, and everything Batman/Bruce Wayne should be. He's great. Jeremy Irons is fantastic and funny as Alfred, and emotional at times. Henry Cavill continues to progress the character of Superman. I always loved his portrayal of the character and I like him in this film as well. Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman-- she is really really great. She was awesome. I am totally seeing the Wonder Woman film. :) Jesse Eisenberg was good as Lex Luthor. He does not play the character as the typical Lex, which was good and bad. He was a too-- crazy for me and I like Lex a little more confident, cool, and calculating. But he was good. And Amy Adams was good as Lois. Overall, cast was very good. :)

3. For the story, the title is a bit deceiving. It really isn't so much "Batman v Superman" as much as "Batman and Superman, they just happen to fight". The beginning of the film is a bit slow as it builds towards the conflict between Superman and Batman, but that is important, because you need a reason for them to fight, and they give us that. Not to spoil too much, but you see Batman is in a dark place because of his past and the events that occurred in Metropolis have given him a negative picture of Superman. Thus, with a little manipulation by a certain villain and nightmares, he wants to take out Superman. Superman's reasons for conflict I cannot divulge as much because it is too much spoilery, but it makes sense in the story.

4. The plot does seem to stuff a lot in sometimes, but overall, it is well done. The dialogue is fantastic, and the Justice League cameos are well done, as they are not really forced into the film at all. And Wonder Woman is not forced either, she fits naturally into the film. :)

5. The action scenes: Thank you Zack Snyder. You are a master!!! :D They are phenomenal. Really. Even if the movie sucked, it would be worth the price of admission. The fight with the Trinity against Doomsday is excellent and the Batman/Superman fight is wonderful as well. Wonder Woman really stole the show in the final 20 minutes though. :XD: But Batman was super cool as well. :)

I would give the film 8.5/10 stars. Was it the best superhero film ever? No. Was it great? YES! YES! IT WAS GREAT! It was grim, but it needed to be to set up "Justice League", which I can't wait to see. I definitely recommend it to everyone. My favorite superhero list would probably look like:

1. Batman Begins   2: The Dark Knight Rises (LOVE Bane)   3a: The Dark Knight   3b: Man of Steel   4: Batman v Superman   5: Captain America: Winter Soldier   6: The Avengers   

I really don't understand how one could "hate" the movie. I could see where some would like it, but I have talked to so many people and no-one hated it, and only one person disliked it. The other 10 loved it. So yeah... I think the hate is more of the "vocal minority". Don't listen to them. The film is awesome and you should go see it!!!! :D :D :D


Long Story
1,000-3,000 words. I try not to go over 3,000, but as I stated for my long poetry, it depends.
Short Story
Under 1,000 words. Note me the idea of the story and I'll be able to tell you what I can do with it. :) I accept any/all ideas. I don't do graphic stories or anything R-rated.
Long Poetry
Poetry from 100-300 words. I could go over 300, depending on the story of the poem. Note me if you have any questions. :)


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