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no encontré icono de "bongo cat" de tamaño pequeño, así que hice algo rápido.
 tamaño de 20x20

Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test 

 I didn´t find small size icon of bongo cat icon, so I did something quick.
  20x20 size
now able for free icon :3

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thanks ^^

it was fun doing it :3

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i always watched bongo cats and i got obsessed with it

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Ok, this is my favorite icon now
Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test 
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Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test 
yes >:3
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I didn´t expect it to work so well, lol Bongo-cat-test 
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I didn´t expect the icon to be so popular, as to appear at the bar.
I feel happy with my contribution to the emoticon community Bongo-cat-test 
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Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test 
yay :3
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Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test   Bongo-cat-test  Bongo-cat-test    
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OMFG YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test 
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I hope you are doing well my friend!! :heart:
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Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test Bongo-cat-test 
it's now one of the first community emoticons that shows up!
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hmm .. what other contribution could I do for the community?
because I did this when I saw that there wasn´t one of this size Bongo-cat-test 
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