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Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 Priss

hey everyone how are we all?
well I just moved house which was really stressful and the reason why I've been on the down low
but anyway today I drew up priss from bubblegum crisis Tokyo 2040 which is my all time fav anime. some people think its a weird choice but hey we all like what we like
I really like how this came out when I started I wasn't sure if this was gonna look good at all since I really didn't know how to do the whole metal looking thingy

enjoy :D
leave a comment if you want I do answer
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Pauly. I aint just saying this.
I think this is better than i could've done.
The colours, the details, the SHINES AND THE SHADOWS.
I am in AWE, this shows SUCH STRENGTH in your eye for detail and textures.

I am just... so proud of you ;-;
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oh pio you make me blush  Blush 
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tHAT IS BETTER, IT JUMP OUT OF THE LOT i LIKE IT i THINK I will try to made it in 3 D just 4 fun in my spare time.
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Ah yes, my 3rd favorite Knight Saber. Off the first anime I ever watched. 2040 definitly beats some of the other bits of the franchise. To me anyway.
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Is this the place to have a massive flame war over which BGC series was better, the original or 2040? No? In that case I'm just going to say you did an awesome job on this, and it's been awhile since I've actually seen it so I can't be sure, but I think what you drew actually looks better than the actual art used in 2040. 
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well I have seen both 2040 and original even bubblegum crash and all the AD police series. but I would go 2040 only because it was the 1st one I saw and I have a very big fondness for 2040 from a nostalgia point
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I actually think both the original BGC and 2040 are good shows, they just have some small yet significant differences (like Priss's VAs) that throw me off when switching from one to the other. Original BGC was the first anime I ever bought though, so it will always have a special place in my obsessions - I mean heart. 
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i did like prisses disgn in 2040 more. but that's proberly I saw 2040 first
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Your draw is Magnificent!! Congratulation I love it!!
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Beautiful.  Love 2040 as well.
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aww thank you very much =D
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aww thank you =D
As I recall, this power armour requires the user to be nude, much like the early iterations of samus' power armour and valkeria using the guyver 02, which maybe very interesting
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aww thank you
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You are most welcome! Nommy smile Nice To Meet You Handshake Emoticon. If you like, see my new painting here Ola, 2016 by carlos-salva-art  .
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dear sweet zombie jesus that's awesome
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Great artwork, nice to see the knight sabres getting some love these days.
Been toying with the idea of doing a BGC piece myself. Hope it comes out as good as yours.
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