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Protecting Her -- Commission

This was made for  :icondashiemlpfim:


Lg Commission Stamp by ChaosKomori


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big sis protect her reform little sis!
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Twilight, why are you protecting her, shes evil...
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No, she's just vaguely misunderstood.
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Is she? I know nothing about Twivine.

Diana173076's avatar
Now reformed, she's become more socially awkward and timid, refusing to go outside, because of others' opinions of how she's been in the past.
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Do U know if there's a comic or something that explains how she met Twilight and the gang and how she reformed? If so, can U give me a link as well?

Diana173076's avatar
There isn't any that I know of, but I can wrote a fanfic further explaining my statement... if that's okay.
heavens-champion's avatar
Baron Nox: You always were too forgiving, Princess. Such sentimental nonsense.
CartoonMetalWarrior's avatar
You know, I think Twilight would look good with a black mane.
tehwatcher's avatar
1st awesome
2nd col
3rd dark twin nice
tigreanpony's avatar
Very nicely done Pauly.
Bronymeister's avatar
yay! Twilight is defending Twivine
Legacy-Galaxy's avatar
Dashie?? Why'd you make Pauly make Twilight protect Twivine?
StormDragon-MLP's avatar
Awesome! This is amazing!
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thasbrony's avatar
uhm a recolour or clone or something? i kinda wanna know the story :D i know commission, but still 
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Twivine is a clone of Twilight created by the Plunder Vines that Discord planted (Season 4 Pilot) and the commissioner used to sap at Twilight's magic and ultimately turn into a brand "new" villain...though she seems to be an on-and-off villain.
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I think this was supposed to be Midnight Sparkle based on the color scheme.
Count-Author's avatar
Nope. Twivine was created long before the third movie. She was created during the run of Season 4.
thasbrony's avatar
it doesnt fit how she looks in the movie or this re-imaging…
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