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Pinkie Pie Face

Main 6 faces - Pinkie Pie

Adobe Illustrator CS5 File 


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Used, and credited of course, in recent video, hope that's alright:…
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Hi. I used your Pinkie Pie vector in this heads pack for BattleBlock Theater!
This vector file really helped me out in the making of this - especially because it's already a head-only vector. Feel free to check it out.

Thank you very much for the original vector! :)
PaulySentry's avatar
Thanks for linking back, it's pretty good though. I'm glad that my vector helped you out. (=
Lars99's avatar
I stole your face! :D
LooneyTunerIan's avatar
Can you do another one with her mouth opened? :) (Smile)

I wanna re-work on my MLP Cartoon Intro Cards. :) (Smile)
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Pinkie is watching you forever
litigious-society's avatar
Makes me think of the opening of a Looney Tunes cartoon.
AceyMari's avatar
hey i can use that as a little stick for my sketch book :3
PaulySentry's avatar
I would love to see that. :)
AceyMari's avatar
damn i meant sticker not stick, i hate my keyboard :p
04StartyCornOnline88's avatar
Bonita cara de Pinkie Pie.
Wolf-fang4's avatar
Is she actually looking at me?
BrutalityInc's avatar
She's watching you.

Watching and waiting.
Trooper924's avatar
Waiting to throw you the bestest party in the history of parties.
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