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[MLP] Again in Equestria

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Puedo usarlo??
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Sunset: *Sniff*... Thank you, Twilight. If not for you, I would've never had the guts to come back. I would've kept thinking Celestia hated me. But now, I can put my horrible past behind me like nothing ever happened... I can start from scratch, without having to worry about being rejected.

Twilight: It's my pleasure, Sunset Shimmer. Welcome home, friend...

Sunset:...(whispers) I love you, Twilight...Happy Cry 
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I wish I could have something like this occur in Twotonedearly's story," Equestrian civil war: A Alternate universe" in Mlp infliction.
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i wish that really happens in season 7
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Well... We can always dream. :)
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XD Well it happened now I guess, but only briefly.
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In the Equestria Girls special: Mirror Magic. It won't be out in English until some time this summer like the rest of the specials.
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Aw... That's so sweet!
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This could also be used for a moment in 'The Crystal Empire' after twilight or sunset had those worst fear experiences
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I wish this would happen in the show :)

I have such an idea bout it I'd love to make into a comic...that is if I could actually make them...
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Welcome back, Sunset!
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Chibi Twilight Sparkle Icon Chibi Sunset Shimmer Icon Makes me very happy!
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I really want her to return to Equestria at least for a visit eventually!!
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That would be great!
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Si en otra pelicula de EQG aparesca la sunset humana ahi esta sunset podria regresar a equestria
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como se abrazan
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Daaaw this is cute and really needs to happen. They should be BFFs.
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