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Deep Thoughts With Kirby

By Paulwise
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I'm sure we've all wondered this at some point.

Just fooling around in Photoshop Elements 3.0. Still trying to figure out how to draw with a tablet and not pick at every line I make.

Also, if you own a Nintendo DS, pick up Kirby Super Star Ultra. It's a ton of fun, and he gets some kickass abilities in the game. I personally like cooking my enemies and eating them, but that's cause I'm a foodwhore at heart.
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this gave me a good laugh!
and you've got a very good point...what on earth (or outerspace) is kirby?!:hmm:
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Haha ... I never thought about it before but what IS he :o
Paulwise's avatar
A bottomless pit. That's my best guess judging by what he eats...
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Tiger-quoll's avatar
XD his just a pink ball thats cute!
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That explains it! ;)
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Yeah...he's a Hmmmm.
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Heh, he is and he likes to eat things. Kinda sounds
QuestionofBalance's avatar
well I'd like to think if you ate a turkey you wouldn't become one, whereas in kirby's situation...Hmmm...

plus you're not pink! It's a NO. <3
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