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Warlord of Draenor - Logo Wallpaper

The new WoW expansion was announced today. I don't know about you all, but I am so very excited! I made this using the new logo, and I hope you all enjoy it. You can also check out an animated wallpaper related to Warlords of Draenor here: 

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the level cap

:iconfriezaplz::iconsaysplz: 100%!!!

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Some things look nice, like new player models and fixing many issues with bag space, but 10 level grind to 100, 3 new dungeons while leveling, six total and only two new raids? I'm not encouraged.
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I think the 10 level grind will be scaled to be as long as the 5 levels of MOP and Cata.

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The UI improvements and the models are the only things that have me considering buying it. The "Timeless Isle" feel of it blows. I hate the timeless isle and everything it stands for. It's awful for healers, and even some plate classes.
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Well, the Timeless Isle style wouldn't bother me if it isn't overdone. A few events and rare spawns here and there are ok, but a continent-wide Timeless Isle would annoy me as well. A Frost mage might be the best kiter, it doesn't mean I enjoy jumping around chilling and freezing snakes all day.
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Life has meaning once more!!!!
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Thanks! I can't wait.
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