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Wipeout Typeface

Wipeout - Typeface by Paul Willocks ( (

This font is free to use for personal use.

It is strictly not to be used for commercial projects unless you hold the commercial usage rights.

To obtain the commercial usage rights

This font costs £10.00 UK Pounds to use commercially and this entitles you to use it in as many projects as you like. Payment can be made via PayPal to, the PayPal receipt will act as your proof of purchase.

Anyone found using the typface commercially without permission will be dealt with appropriately.

Contact for more info
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Can you please change to a .zip file?
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Very nice, incredibly reminiscent of tDR's work for Sony, I like :)
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Post the background map for download. Very Designers Republic. Thank you.
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¡excelentes fuentes!, gracias por compartirlas.
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I know you meant no harm but I'm 99% sure this is a font created by The Designers Republic or Kleber for the game and is not available commercially. Ripping it is just not cool :/

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Its not a rip, I created the font from scratch and most of the characters are completely different from the originals. dimensions for the characters are also different to the TDR version. Every character was recreated in Photoshop and all of the Photoshop files are included in the download to prove that.

Be my guest and compare every character to the TDR version and then make a comment accusing me of ripping.
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wow this is great
would look great on tech designs/art

well done
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wow, another fine font! thanks 4 the share!!! :dance:
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thx for sharing :hug:
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Sexeyyy!! Nice one Paul! Wipeout is legend! :D
D3Li-LIon's avatar
Great font ! It's the third I download of you. Haven't had much time to try them, but they got a nice feel !
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great typefaces :) thanks!
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