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Tech Circle Brushes

15 high quality tech circle brushes for Photoshop CS and above.

To obtain the commercial usage rights

This brush pack costs £10.00 UK Pounds to use commercially and this entitles you to use it in as many projects as you like. Payment can be made via PayPal to, the PayPal receipt will act as your proof of purchase.

Anyone found using the brushes commercially without permission will be dealt with appropriately.
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It's great .. Thanks dear
sugoi arigato gozimosu
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soo cooooooooool
These are great. Thanks!
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k wapos son tio, te superaste
It is a good news for me because i am new in photoshop, i download alot of different types of brushes and i can use...thanks..
Adam Smith

Wide Circles
I love your stuff Paul, Im new in photoshop and illustrator, so brushes help me alot. I really like modern looking stuff, and you nail that very well. Nice clean lines you use. I download alot of different types of brushes, but im drawn to the modern ones like these for what I will be using to play around with! I still have many hours of tutorials to get through with both programs, but eventually I will have stuff decent enough to post on here! Thanks again for the share.
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Awesome, thanks for the comment.
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Awesome! These would be perfect
for some logos I'm making.. thanks!
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nice work,but i've a question,how to make two color on that brush..Tq So much.
Love 'em! Do you mind if I use one of them in my logo creation and then for product productions?

Thanks in advance!
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wow awesome brushes, please I can use it?
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love it, and will add right away
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Not bad, but there a bit basic compared to othet tech signatures :X
RickShaggyChavez's avatar
hahah. Very cool circle brushes you got there!
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Wow guy, this is a little different than another tech Circle brushes (that give it a personal touch)... however is a great resource... Really I wish post it in another web, obviously you will have the credit, but first I need your authoritation. What you say? :?
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ok but i need to have a link to the ste you wish for them to be on
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