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The Trinity Superheroine Squad

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The Trinity Squads, Villainesses vs. Superheroines by PaulSuttonArt  You'll Want to Believe a Girl Can Fly... Supergirl by PaulSuttonArt  Cheeky Supergirl by PaulSuttonArt  Harley Quinn 'Strip Search' Special Edition Print by PaulSuttonArt  Supergirl Ripped 'n' Torn 'Sunset City' Series by PaulSuttonArt  Love is in the Air... Supergirl and Power Girl by PaulSuttonArt       
Paul Sutton's ‘SPECIAL EDITION’ Comic Art Prints (OPEN EDITION)
Individually Hand Signed by CGI Artist Paul Sutton.
Includes a Hologram Print Certificate & Newspaper Placard Print Sticker.

Paul Sutton's Original Comic Art... find the rest here:…
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Thanks very much!
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Hey the 3 piece trinity version is great - wish I had more walls!
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Hey thanks...sure you can make some room... it looks great....I had a set up here on the wall in 3 thin black frames until someone saw it... and they left with it!
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the amount of muscles and abs here is just amazing. catwoman keeps catching my eyes. i do hope to see more. im definitely watching you.
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Thanks very much.. yer I like Heroine fit, Thanks for the watch! I appreciate that :-)
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thanks for the art. do you do commissions
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Hi Thanks very much :-)

I'm really busy with my comic art prints... but I do, but only if the money is right...
and the main reason for this is coz it takes me so long as I'm a bit of a perfectionist... :-(

...with each finished image takes about 3-6 whole days to do!
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ok ill message you
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Great art, but wouldn't you put Wonder Girl or Donna Troy instead of Spider-Girl so that they could be the DC Trio but an all female version?
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Hi Thanks for your comment... yes indeed you are right... after yours and many other comments I've corrected by mistake!

The Trinity Squads, Villainesses vs. Superheroines by DevilishlyCreative  
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Great work and oh by the way, they are very sexy! :D
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Hey thanks... glad you think so :-)
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amazing works ... well done and thanks for your efforts
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Thank you I appreciate that ;-)
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Amazing stuff - as always
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Thanks, that's very kind of you ;-)
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No worries, glad you like it ;-)
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Fantastic Work
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Thanks very much, it's nice that others can appreciate it ;-) I started with poser in 2009, and I feel that I've come along way... on my journey!
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Hey thanks I appreciate that ;-)
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