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The Trinity Squads, Villainesses vs. Superheroines

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The fight should be solved with a make-out contest.
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Or maybe a nipple twisting competition?
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Whichever way it goes, we all win.
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Yer I like the idea of that indeed!
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Still one of your best works

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Hey thank you yer still popular as a print... but need to update it with new Harley and new Wonder Woman!
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Kool keep goin mate! You'll be fine!

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I love to nod to the style of Alex Ross here! :clap:
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Thanks! Yes his work is very inspiring :-)
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Why does this look like: battle of the Boobs! lol
(Ivy wins btw... those leaves are barely a bra. XD)

Great render and excellent lighting!
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Yer Ivy always wins ...She 'leaves' the others way behind!

Thanks :-)
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Extra points for the pun. <3
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Oh thanks very much... I aim to please! It's funny really coz, they don't look to big when I posed them front ways...
it's just the side on that really makes them stand out :-) ...oh well not to worry! They seem to always make a big impression...
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lol. Well, yeah. Body shapes are much more obvious from the front, like broader shoulders or smaller waist, etc. I mean, you can see size from the side but a person with wide hips or a straight waist give the illusion that breasts aren't as big as they seem. My own body type actually promote that illusion. I have narrow hips and a large ribcage so my size Ds don't stick out because my frame is like a ruler. (Like this but with bigger boobs:… ) From the side though... you can see it. It sounds dumb, but this has actually saved me from a lot of grief. I don't get cat called, or hit on very often because it's like my boobs are camouflaged by the rest of my body. XD I'm married now so only my husband knows the truth. LOL.
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Cheers for the info!

I'm sure he'll like them how ever you wear them... that's us guys; we just want excess to a pair :-)

Just saw on your page your Miraculous Ladybug buttons for sale WOW COOL!... funny coz I've been on my Dark City image of her over the last couple of days!

Seem that your a fan of her I'll send you a link on the note system to see what you think... :-)
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Cool. Yes he does that's why we're married. lol
Sure! I wasn't sure what you mean by "dark city" but I can't wait to find out. ^^
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Well he's very lucky to find someone so creative and talented! ...Just about to go into Dark City at the end of this month in England :-(
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if we beat u 3 u will go to the nut house, played with my kittens, and put in my hot house
but if we beat u 3 u go to jail
gas on
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So, how is business going? :)
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Update!... had a real successful weekend so far.. and now the print sales are 26 prints in total... and counting...

The support I have gotten so far, from my followers on here...has been way beyond my wildest dreams!

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