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The Incredible Violet Parr... Art Print Set

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All grown up... 18 Year Old... Violet Parr from the Disney/Pixar animated film The Incredibles
All Three 'Incredible' A3 Original Comic Art Prints Put Together in One Special 'Value' Edition Set!
Our eBay Shop has 100% Positive Feedback
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The Incredible Violet Parr - Make A Stance by PaulSuttonArt  The Incredible Violet Parr - Booty Call by PaulSuttonArt  The Incredible Violet Parr - Mind Bending by PaulSuttonArt
Paul Sutton's ‘SPECIAL EDITION’ Comic Art Prints (OPEN EDITION)
Individually Hand Signed by CGI Artist Paul Sutton.
Includes a Hologram Print Certificate & Newspaper Placard Print Sticker.

Paul Sutton's Original Comic Art... find the rest here:…
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Hey thanks pleased you think so Big-ELSA!
Gorgeous and powerfully sexy 
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Yer love her look and she's a CGI dream girl!
Yes she is!
Thanks again for sharing 
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I would love to see a whole peril story w/ her where she tries to go out on her own and falls to her own arrogance. 
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Yes that's a great idea... Superhero meets, Legally Blonde (film)
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Oh Dear LORD.......that is...Exquisite!!  Damn that is NICE!! 
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Thought to offer them all as a set at a cheaper price! I know she's very popular :-)
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Has the texture of her costume changed or is it my memory, still like this a lot.
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No, well... errr mmm she's changed quite a bit and her costume had change in accordance!  So maybe it just looks...
well lets say more womanly... sexy... er more formed, better formed, bigger formed, yer can I stop now?

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Liking this the more I look at it....
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Yer I like her to :-) Very Much!
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Oh, very nice! :D (Big Grin) 
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Looks like a promo for a movie, nice work, Paul!!

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Thanks, very dude 70's stuff. I really enjoyed working with a black girl for a change... oh and a car..
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The composition and point of view are great. You have some crazy cool ideas rolling around in your head...
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