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Supersonic Supergirl

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perfect supergirl!
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Hey thanks very much!
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Look at those abs!
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Yes indeed... Girl of Steel! :-)
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awesome and hot!
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Hey awesome thanks very much, really pleased you think so!
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Thanks very much... yes I was pleased with the way it came out... something other than... my normal stuff!!!!
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Whoa!...~ #Supergirl looks so badass!~
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hay thanks glad you think so!!!!
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Love this photo of supergirl or women ....getting to look like the real thing a supergirl would look like . 
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Hey thanks very you I use to be a I'm taking what I learnt into a CGI world... 

...and still learning all the time :-)
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Where do you get these clothes for DAZ Studio
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A fantastic resource try Terry and his wonderful costumes:

I use many of his costume bits and props etc... but I do tend to make the main costume as a 2nd skin texture myself... as I have more control and can make the fitting and textures as I require more easily... Good Luck!
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Brilliant work, love this.
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This is a remarkable picture and very powerful pic of Kara in flight. I like the red glow in her eyes for a little bonus. The red streaking effect really shows some speed in her take-off. Nicely done with the outfit, her lovely facial beauty and hair work. Nicely done with the athletic build you gave her, too. 
To me, her mid-section looks too ripped and less natural than if her body between her rib cage and top of her hips was more straightened than hour-glassed. She's a beauty overall and worth the fave!!
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Pretty dang cool :)
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So you purchased this costume? You have already got great costumes done by yourself... Was wondering why. Looks good all the same.
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Hi There, No! Just that the boots, logo prop, and cape were a free download from Terrymcg, and it's nice give credit where credit's due... I made my own textures for them as well:-)
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perfect work, though i like her muscular Belly
well done . "Favorited"
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