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Julia Carpenter and Jessica Drew Spider-Woman I

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Yeah these ladies rock - would love to see more....any plans?
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Yer good choice I'm liking these lady to... when I set of on this adventure... I never realised how many different Comic females there were! ...or maybe I just miss out! BLOODY SUPERMAN!
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Beautiful work on these two. They're absolutely awesome
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Thank you, yes I was really pease with how they turn out... thanks for taking the time to leave a comment :-)
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How did you manage over the eyes?
Are you using a mask?
I like the wing prop as well.
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Thanks... For Drew I used Joe Quick's Spiderman mask (just used the lens part), and one of TerryMc Mask, both from and played with them.. hope that helps...
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I was using the cat woman goggles from joe quick.
I appreciate the pointers.
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No worries... yer try his M4 Spiderman cowl/mask from Joe Quick fit V4 okay is you shrink it! Just the eyes/lenses or you can custom change the textures also...
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This is a gorgeous photo of the two Spider-Women together. I like the Jessica Drew more(brunette), but I enjoyed the mini-series that was done with Julia Carpenter. Nicely done with the outfits and the hairstyling and facial beauties for each is breath-taking. Great job with their athletic figures to nicely accent their bodies, too.
Vibrant costumes really are eye-catching:love:
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Thanks sorry for my late reply... these pesky prints are keeping me very busy! Thank you for your comment..

I was pleased with how both came out after playing with the 2nd skin costume for what seemed like a week... :-) OMG!
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Good job!
But I prefer Julia wearing the Arachne suit. :)
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Thanks... yes the Arachne suit looks very compacted to make a second skin... but I might give it a try...
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WOW COOL! Thanks a lot ;-)
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Thanks... glad you approve ;-)
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It is amazing how tight their costumes are.  I love how they leave nothing to the imagination! :thumbsup:
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Thanks! Yer that's the beauty of making a second skin texture on my 3D models... skin tight, or sprayed on look :-)
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It's very true to the books too, as Jessica's old (and much better designed costume..damn do I miss it!) was always portrayed as so tight that you could see her belly button through it! LOL!
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Yer these costumes were really nice to make and they do look amazing even if I do say so myself...
as I was pleased with the way they turned out.. and they had a good support from my followers on here...
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