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Have you ever frolicked themed slots? Themed or proprietary, noise them what you resolve… numerous firms love these slots and there are surely plenty of them to indicate from. So, let’s find out why they are prevalent and what you should imagine if you decide to play a few.

What are proprietary slots and why are they so general?

Branded games are those that tie into somewhat we are previously familiar with. This might mean a TV show, a film, a comic book charm, or even a fairy tale. There are lots of details why they’re popular:

They appeal to an spectators that already exists

Fans of a TV show, film, or charm are likely to play a game related with it

There is a sense of knowledge before you even see the game

Any singular features will be built about the story or characters we previously know

These free slot games fall into two groups, so we’ll explore both of persons below.

Slots with certifying agreements

Some branded sporting are tied in with fonts created by other people. Movie-themed slots would fit into this group. Here are a few examples:

  • Jurassic Park

  • The Invisible Man

  • Ghostbusters

  • The Dark Knight

In these suitcases, the software exclusive would essential to create to an preparation with the movie plant or owner of the characters or plot. In responsibility so, they would then be talented to create a slot game with their provision.

Slots without licensing contracts

You may wonder how a free online slots game could be branded if it doesn’t draw in with a show, a TV show, or additional charm known over numerous media. The reply is that certain competitions use typescripts from fairy stories, where no one has ownership of them. Others use letterings from mythologies and folklores.

Here are some samples of how these work:

  • Jack and the Beanstalk

  • Hansel and Gretel

  • Little Red Riding Hood

  • Robin Hood

In this scenario, you power find more than one software designer creating a game based around the same personality. As such, you might get additional excellent and so be talented to choice the game you dear greatest.

Our squad

Heart of casino is a countless place to check out some excellent branded sports. There are new proprietary games there as well as masterpieces. You will find games there that come from numerous providers as well, so watch out for the names you will see underneath.


Jumpman Gaming is a breadwinner of best payout online slots uk -based sites and bingo sites too. They tend to deliver sites packed with games from numerous providers. That means you’ve got admission to lots of games, with branded ones among them:

  • Robin of Sherwood

  • Beverly Hills 90210

  • Fairytale Legends: Hansel and Gretel

  • Goldilocks and the Wild Bears


NetEnt is one of the main software developers around nowadays. They have also created a good group of branded games for you to try:

  • Dracula

  • Creature from the Black Lagoon

  • Frankenstein

  • Aliens

  • Microgaming

No doubt you are conscious of Microgaming. You might not know their huge group of free slot games topographies quite a few branded games too nevertheless. We’ve stated a few here, but there are numerous others as well:

  • Jurassic Park

  • Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway

  • Bridesmaids

  • Game of Thrones

Our favourite proprietary slot games

If you fancy annoying a few of these games, we’ve listed our three favourite picks underneath. There are plenty more where these came as of too.

Top tip: Don’t forget most software designers have a few to try

While some names, like NetEnt and Microgaming, have sufficiently of these slits available, most designers come up with a few names that fit into the non-licensed category. Keep your eyes open to see how many you can advert.


If you dare to face the notorious aliens, you can play on five rolls and 15 fixed paylines in this dark and ominous game. The main eye to shoot for is the three-level bonus that takes you finished the Search, Encounter, and Hive features.


Five reels, 40 lines, and a chance to victory up to 210,000 credits – that’s what you get in the amusing Bridesmaids slot game. Watch out for the Wheel Bonus, where you could victory Friendship free spins, Flying High free spins, the Boutique bonus or the Magic Instants bonus!

Fairytale Legends: Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood watches your progress as you spin the five reels of this game and hope to win prizes on 20 lines. She is a wild on the middle three reels, but there are sticky wilds, random features, and bonus features to be enjoyed here too.

Jurassic Park

We had to comprise this one, as it is one of the best proprietary slots out there, even though it has been about for a while. You can play five kinds of free gyrations, each based around a different dinosaur, and there are stacked wildernesses and a T-Rex Alert too!

If you need to play branded games, you can understand there are sufficiently to select from. Pick one and get what you think.

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