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Hey, Paul Sizer here, with a request for some assistance from all my watchers on DeviantArt.

My LITTLE WHITE MOUSE series was the first comic series I created solo, and in 2006 I gathered all the issues into a 448 page Omnibus Edition under my own Cafe Digital imprint. I was lucky enough to get it carried by Diamond Distribution, and it's been available for sale ever since.

Last month, my service rep at Diamond offered to re-solicit the LITTLE WHITE MOUSE Omnibus Edition to the direct market, to try and generate some more interest in the book and get it back in the eyes of new fans that have discovered my work in the last few years. Understandably, Diamond wants to see the book do some decent order numbers, and based on that, they will agree to also re-solicit my other books (MOPED ARMY and B.P.M.) in upcoming months.

So, here's the favor I'm asking; if it's within your means, and you like my work, it would be an incredible help for my self-publishing venture to have you place an order for my LITTLE WHITE MOUSE Omnibus Edition through your local comic shop. Ordering through your local store ensures that Diamond sees the numbers come directly from the Direct Market, as opposed to coming through Amazon, etc.

If you bring these numbers into your local store, they can use those codes to order the book immediately. It's an all ages book, so with the holidays coming up, its a great gift for the young (or older) comic reader on your lists!

I'm not asking you to order sight unseen either; you can actually sample the book in its entirety online at WebComics Nation.

Here's a brief synopsis of the series from my website:
“In deep space, a young girl’s survival will depend upon the strength of her heart.”
Ten years ago, comic readers met Loo, a 16-year-old girl stranded on an automated satellite in deep space. Her story of coming-of-age in a harsh and unyielding environment became a fan-favorite book around the world. Now, the entire critically-acclaimed LITTLE WHITE MOUSE series is collected into this 448 page “Omnibus Edition”, including a new 4 page framing story "prequel" by series creator PAUL SIZER, and artistic contributions from artistic legends such as GEOF DARROW (Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot), DAVE JOHNSON (100 Bullets), LADRONN (Hip Flask), CHRIS SPROUSE (Tom Strong), JEFF MOY AND W.C. CARANI (Legion of Super Heroes), MARK CRILLEY (Akiko), MARK PAULIK (Chumba webcomic), MATT FEAZELL (Cynicalman), KARL ALTSTAETTER (Deity), JANE IRWIN (Vogelein), PAM BLISS (Paradise Valley Comics), and many others, this is the definitve collection for long-time fans and first time readers.

Thanks much for your help in advance. I know the economy is hard for everyone, but the community and support that exists on DeviantArt has emboldened me to make this request to you all.
Much appreciated,

Paul S. Sizer... the "S" stands for "Quality"!
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Just letting you know I got my copy from Best Bargain Books via Amazon today! Now looking forward to ordering Moped Army after Christmas. :-)