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A final poster for 2009, asking an important question of the coming year.

2009 was a great art year for me, many cool things moved forward, and much of that happened right here on DeviantArt. But at the same time, one mustn't become stagnant with creativity. I spent this year adding to my foundation of skills, sharpening my tools and honing my techniques, all the while trying out new and different approaches to ideas in my head. Now I have to move forward, get better, stay hungry and put those skills to work. From my postings here I've gotten many freelance jobs from big companies and clients, and while that's awesome, it just means I need to demand more of myself, and not get lazy or predictable in my creative work.

So yes, I do think it's valid to ask where are the flying cars and jetpacks the "future" promised, but at the same time, if you really want cool things, part of the responsibility for making them happen lies with you. If you wait for the future to happen to you, you'll be waiting a long time. Make 2010 a year to Make New Stuff, no matter what you do or how you work.

Happy holidays, and here's to 2010. The beginning of the future!

Pencils/Inks: MangaStudio EX 3.0
Color: PhotoShop CS2
Type/Design: Freehand MX
Model: Caroline (Dorkmuffin)
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I ask myself this question every damn morning. My seven-year-old self is feeling terribly cheated.