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Spider-Man 2 Deco Poster

I was asked to contribute to a group art show in Paris, France sponsored by Artoyz, a very well-known designer toy company in Europe. The theme for the show was "Summer Blockbusters" and each submitting artist could chose from a master list of big summer movies all the way back to the 70's, where films like JAWS and CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND laid the groundwork for "the Big summer Blockbuster" kind of films.

I chose SPIDER-MAN 2, STILL one of my favorite super-hero films, and decided to give it my Deco-Sizer whammy. We were instructed to not JUST make a movie poster, but try to think of it as art inspired by the movie, hence why there's no big type logo on this piece, just the "2" on the bottom. But honestly, I like making this a design that doesn't need to have a big title, and let the images tell the story. Hopefully people like it.

You can find out more about the show in Paris here: [link]

and here: [link]

Spider-Man, Doctor Octopus are ©Marvel Comics Group
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This is a really cool Art Deco style poster! I wouldn't mind having this on the walls of my room!
Forensics-guy95's avatar
I also saw this at the Dolby gig, I like what you did with Dr Octopus's mechanical arms
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Yeah, it's one of my faces. Glad you had a good time at the show; I had a blast!

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Great work. Interesting choice.
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my goodness paul this is PERFECT. A] SM2 is one of the best superhero films of all time. [Avengers tops it in my humble opinion but this is prefatory and ironically 2] thsi si an amazing inspring deco-ditko poster =D
PaulSizer's avatar
Thank you very much. I agree: Spider-Man 2 was such an amazing combination of story and great characterization. Doc Ock was pitch perfect. Avengers was great as well, but Spidey 2 still holds a special place in my heart.
skysoul25's avatar
WELCOM ^^ of course, SM2 and Ock was amazing with multiple story arc's, the fact tiw as a frakenstien scirpt. =D
User1134's avatar
THAT Is Amazing, Great Job!!!
PaulSizer's avatar
Thanks, it's one of my favorites also!
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Thanks very much!
Safe-As-Houses's avatar
I'm thoroughly amused by the almost comical look you gave this poster. As opposed some of your other drawings I've browsed through, this one looks... old. But in a good way. Like wicked retro. :)
PaulSizer's avatar
Thank you; I had a blast working on this poster.
Like a mix of Art Nouveau, Deco, and minimalism
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Philopotomus's avatar
love this pic. doc ock is one of my favourite bad guys in the marvel universe and i like your interpretation!!
PaulSizer's avatar
Thank you so much!
Philopotomus's avatar
you're very welcome dude. i love your style!!!
diello's avatar
Gorgeous, as usual, Paul!
Doc Oc is my favourite :)
PaulSizer's avatar
Thanks Diello. Mine too. Long time no see girl. Hope all is well!
diello's avatar
So far, so good. Finally got some freelance work keeping me busy.
I hope you're doing all right, too. I miss hangin' out with you in Whitechapel, but I'm TRYING to get back into the swing :)
AteMozzarella's avatar
Absolutely stunning :D
Pheas's avatar
Most unique! :D
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