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My year-ender propaganda poster, this year to address the need to incorporate learning from mistakes, failure and screw-ups into the overall process of progression, in any medium, in any endeavor.

We are often told that we must be perfect right from the start, but the true measure of character is the grace and strength we gain from falling down and getting back up. As long as the amount of times we get up outnumbers the times we fall, that is progress. And sometimes mistakes yield far more interesting outcomes than what we plan. Having that opportunity to allow mistakes and failures to inform and educate us is essential to creative growth.

You can purchase this print as a poster in multiple formats from my Deviant Art store.

Here's to a 2013 filled with exploration, growth and building of the future we envision.

This poster design is ©Paul Sizer/Sizer Design + Illustration, and may not be reproduced in any form without prior permission from Paul Sizer.
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Oh Gods!  So much!
No scientist ever got nice results without screwing up majorly at least once.
Or as you say gets the best results out of a previous screw-up.
 Great design and message
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Thank you so much; it's been my experience that my screw ups make me better in the long run. Glad you dig it.
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Whoah, this is tight!
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Thanks for the good words!
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Indeed we must learn from failure... for policies that failed before must surely work some time! Vote status quo!
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this is aces! :thumbsup:
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And as we all know, the price of failure is a bullet to the face
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Art bullets are the worst! : )
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Oh yeah. A regular bullet just leaves an uneven hole, but art bullets... they have license to be whatever they want
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"No matter what we learn, no matter what we manage to obtain, nothing ever changes; People are amazing that way." - Rau Le Creuset
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nice! i really like it :D
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Another victory for Team Sizer!
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