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Dark Knight Deco Poster 2012

By PaulSizer
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This BATMAN idea has been pinging around my brain for a while, decided to get it out. Channeling Wil Eisner and his "buildings as type" motif.

BATMAN is ©DC Comics, all rights reserved.
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If only the official poster looked like that, lol
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Well, they have my number… : )
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Weird Question i kinda wanted to ask you, Did you so any of the Graphic Design for a Video game called Bioshock?  Its a game placed in the 40s and the style of your posters and art kinda reminds me of that game
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I have not, but I am aware of it, and it has been remarked upon before. I don't actually play any video games, so I've had to live vicariously through others who do.
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I love this piece! I will admit I am not such a fan of the letter spelling Batman at the top, but that is just a minor personal opinion that in no way harms my over all enjoyment of the piece. Lovely job! c:
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Awesome work, both with the BATMAN idea and the aged effect of the paper texture! The combination of deco and our favorite caped crusader also channels a lot of Batman: The Animated Series, which in my humble opinion makes this even better. The one critique I might have is the shape of his body. It looks too much like a woman's hourglass figure, so it's strangely feminine on big, buff Batman. Perhaps tucking in the bottom of his silhouette with strong calves and narrow ankles/feet might look more like him. All in all, I love what you did here and great job!
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Interesting point; I didn't really see the negative space as defining his body, just as shadow that his body is in. I actually intended the cape to be way longer than his body, but I can see where you may see this as the shape of his body.
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I love this. It feels very classic.
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This looks brilliant. Well done
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Freaking awesome!!!
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looks awesome! :thumbsup:
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