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Banned Books Week 2014 Poster

By PaulSizer
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SNEAK PREVIEW: Jane Irwin and I will be part of the October Kalamazoo Art Hop (Friday, October 3, 5pm - 9pm), exhibiting and selling our wares at the downtown main branch of the Kalamazoo Public Library. I have created a special limited edition poster celebrating that this is also in conjunction with Banned Books Week, and of course it looks like a fake propaganda poster, but that's what I do, OK? : ) Mark your calendars and stop by to support local arts and freedom of literature!

Poster design is ©Paul Sizer/Sizer Design + Illustration

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This piece of fantasticness came up as I was doing a search for new info to use in this year's BBW display...I am gob-smacked at the magnificence! Amazing.
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Glad to hear you dig it! Thanks for the good words.
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please give a little context for this clueless brazilian here. Who banned which books where?
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Thank you for the detailed explanation.  I wasn´t aware of all of this.
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Book banning has been going on for many, many years, and is still a problem at libraries, where patrons who disagree with the content of a book petition for having it banned from being available to the general public. This can be because they disagree with the ideology of the book, because of sexual content, many many reasons. American libraries have Banned Books Week to bring to the attention of the public the importance of keeping information and literature open and free to all.
As much as we like to think we should be beyond this, it still happens, and still needs to be defended against. My poster is not about the banning of a particular book, just book banning in general.
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This is true. When the columbine shootings happened, our school library pulled any book off the shelf that year which was considered a bad influence on the youth culture. Stuff like Brave New World, anything by Ray Bradbury, Catcher in the Rye, anything by Orwell, most of the young adult novels, the Outsiders, and many others. I was shocked, but then I remembered; I live in Texas (we don't even prevent schools from banning books on evolution). Oh, but the Bible got to stay on the shelf that year... ironic.
Leave the Books Alone. They never hurt anyone.
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Thanks for the good words. Ignorance is the enemy of us all. Books are not the problem; close minded and short sighted thinking do more damage.
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All of my yes to both the poster and the event.
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This is *all* kinds of perfection and I wish I lived close enough to make the trip!!
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I love that poster! :iconflyingheartsplz::iconlainloveplz::iconflyingheartsplz:
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