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Secret Warriors 25 cover

Here's my cover for Secret Warriors #25. I just love drawing Fury, especially for this cover that required a 60's look for Fury, Dum Dum and Strucker.
Fury will be the center piece for #26 and 27, so I'm a happy puppy.
I also had to design the zodiac wheel for this cover which was a lot of work (since I did the whole wheel in case Marvel would need it for the interior art).

Double-sized, secret revealing issue! What ties Hydra, The Howling Commandos, and Leviathan together? How did Nick Fury, Dum Dum Dugan, Baron Von Strucker, Kraken and Orion become part of the same mysterious organization? It's all here in “Wheels within Wheels” part 2: “Zodiac”!
48 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99
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Anyone else following Jim Cheung on these covers would have been eaten and spit out by the challenge, but you got in there and kick ass.

Plus, Dum Dum looks like a hard-ass.
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vos couvertures sont toujours aussi intéressantes!!
btw, est-ce que vous voulez qu'on vous envoie les dessins que vous avez fait à lille?
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Merci beaucoup. Pour les dessins de Lille, oui je veux bien. C'est gentil de proposer.
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Man... that´s awesome... congrats
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Im really diggin on that flame/smoke effect you have created.
nice touch.
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Thanks! I needed something to bring balance to the cover and echoes the energy FX on the left.
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It does balance it.
I think without it the piece wouldn't pop as well as it does.
again, kudos.
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amazing work Paul, congratulations one more.
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Thank you so much Leandro
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Anything Paul. Continue producing.
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wow great job!!!!!
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Glad you like it Edy
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Very Nice! Cool zodiak background.
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Thanks! The Zodica wheel was a lot of work, but it also looks nice, so it was worth it all.
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You're unstoppable, buddy! :o
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You definitely are! ;)
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Amazing and fantastic as always my friend.
Are the colors yours too?
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Thank you very much Paulo. Much Appreciated my friend.
Yes, the colors are mine.
I always color my own work on covers, thats why they're so fun to do for me.
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