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LibreOffice UI Mock-up light 3

SVG File.

Please read: It's just a unofficial mock-up. I'm not part of LibreOffice development team.

Made in Inkscape / Gimp.
GTK2 Theme: Atolm by SkiesOfAzel -> [link]
Native Icons: Faenza-Dark by Raul Vega -> [link]

I hope you like it and give me your opinion. SVG included, then everyone can to edit and share a modified version under Creative Commons License.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Atribuição 3.0 Unported License. -> [link]

Take a look on the dark version...
© 2011 - 2021 pauloup
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You are not part, but you should be. :) Really nice mock-up.
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Awesome! Did you share this in LibreOffice's Google+ page?
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I written a widget in GTK 3.0 ............ [link]
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An idea written in GTK 3 ..... [link]
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An idea written in GTK 3 ............. [link] .......
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"I'm not part of LibreOffice development team."

I dont care. It is awesome for me. Do you have created the tutorial? Please share here of let me know. I want to know the steps. Thank you.
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Very nice.
When will it be implemented?

It is high time the interface of LO or OO was modernized!
Very elegant.

I have been looking at developing something similar from the programming point of view - even to the point of using the same theme and icon set. In my research, I have found similar projects, which you have probably already looked at, but just in case you have missed them ...
1. KDE's KOffice also uses a sidebar but is very clumsy. It is currently undergoing a major re-write as Calligra.
2. IBM's Lotus Symphony (which is OpenOffice with a different front end) has multiple sidebars but makes inconsistent use of the facility.

The central problem is keeping the sidebar interface consistent across the entire office suite: for example, the Forms-Design windows/icons will fill the entire sidebar by themselves - so where do all the standard buttons (many of which should be simultaneously available) go ? How do you ensure that the same icons/icon-sets appear in the same place for the spreadsheet program as the word-processor ?, etc etc.

At this point in time, my proposed system has a vertical list of icons which act as tabs to multiple sidebars: text, forms, graphics, equations etc, which can be selected for new operations but are automatically selected as the user selects items in the main workspace. The increased space allows the integration of most dialogs and menus directly into the sidebar thus saving an enormous amount of mouse activity.

It all sounds good, but getting it right is turning out to be a lot more work than I had ever envisaged. I look forward to seeing your idea expanded to the full program suite, because programming this stuff is not the hard part.
Great look, about time we looked at a side bar with screens widening. Well done.

Came here from one of the LibreOffice blog sites so people do notice :)


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Great work. I really like the idea of saving vertical space and placing stuff along the sides. Kinda like in Adobe CS4. You could go even further and entirely remove the menu bar and replace it by one big button like in Opera. What do you think?
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It's a good Idea! :) Maybe it works very well. But I think the button could auto-expand when is mouse over, not just when click... :) What do you think?
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Great GUI . I like it .Now a question , I'm dummy on thet ,. How can I install the mock-up in libreoffice?. Thanks in advance
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Thank you! Well, sadly you can't. Software mock-ups are just drawings, hand or digitaly made, like these. But there are the possibility to implement a mock-up into a real program by its developers.
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Very Nice work. Will anybody tell about this mockup to libreoffice team? Is any plan to implement this. Very nice work.
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Very Nice Mockup. Can you send it to Libreoffice team. And request them to plan to implement this. Is anybody do tell the libreoffice team about this mockup ?

Great One. Nice IDEA.
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looks great)
and that would be really good, if you move all elements from the second line (file, edit,undo-redo buttons, etc.) to the first line (like tabs in chrome, when it is turned to fullscreen)? that would be some more economy of vertical space)

and the second: well, probably not all elements would fit in this bar, so the possibility to scroll the bar using the mouse wheel will be wery convenient) (and very fast too)
and sorry for my english)
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Thank you for the tips and nice comments! :D
So beautiful. LibreOffice should implement this mockup if they want to be more popular than Microsoft Office.
Greta Job, keep it up!

Beautiful mockup. i download and install libreoffice and i try this
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For me, LibreOffice looks a bit faster than OpenOffice. I don't know the reason... :) Thank you.
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I like the "light" version better than the "dark." Could you make one with color icons? There are some things that are nice about how monochrome this looks, but the right sort of use of color could help make the options even more distinguishable.
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Thanks for the tip!
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