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LibreOffice UI Mock-up light 1

Please read: It's just a unofficial mock-up. I'm not part of LibreOffice development team.

Made in Inkscape / Gimp.
GTK2 Theme: Atolm by SkiesOfAzel -> [link]
Native Icons: Faenza-Dark by Raul Vega -> [link]

I hope you like it and give me your opinion. SVG included, then everyone can to edit and share a modified version under Creative Commons License.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Atribuição 3.0 Unported License. -> [link]

Take a look on the dark version...
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© 2011 - 2021 pauloup
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Wow! This is AWESOME! Love it!
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Well, you should be part of the LibreOffice Design team, I love this concept and would use this style if it's available.
Really like it. Similar in some ways to apple's pages application - which i would like very much if it was opensource and if it converted word files as well as libreoffice!

Main comment I would have is that I would have the formatting windows/bars on the right. I often have docs on the left of the screen so I would not want the text shifting position on the screen if formatting opened and closed depending on what I was doing. 
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As someone who frequently uses LibreOffice, I absolutely love this GUI idea. It is far more intuitive then even the 4.2 GUI, in my opinion. Is there any chance that this will be implemented in a future version?

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they need to use this, their current one is way outdated. and this looks great! you should see if you can find someone to make this as a theme or submit it to them
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Reminds me a bit on the UI of Calligra Words.
artistym's avatar
Nice work

Can you create another one with the side bar on the right side?
Rcheetah's avatar
nice work dude.. :D
Is the result a svg file? Would like to explore it on my own, like the ones from citrus UI.. :)
AIMandACH's avatar
looks nice! can i use some of your ideas for my LO "stork" mockup please? (you can check my other "stork" mockups in my gallery)
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this sis very very cool,nice....
but will this new gui replace with current gui of libreoffice or not?
i like this new gui and i'm waiting for that to be changed
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Hello, I have written a small GUI written in GTK 3.0 and Vala (Gtk 3.0)

Image 1


Image 2

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This looks awesome man!
I really hope they actually upgrade the looks of LO and would love to see them do it your way!!!!
Rcheetah's avatar
I think there should be a better difference between paragraph-styles and character-styles so i like citrus ui better..
I like Citrus better [link]
I like Citrus better [link]
ScionicSpectre's avatar
We need this so bad.
woutervddn's avatar
get your ass over to the guys of LibreOffice and find a guy that codes this for you.. NOW!
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I drew a much better one. However, I have no idea how to make it into a fancy digital mockup.
If anyone is up to the challenge, just PM me, and I'll supply the drawings.
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You're not part of LibreOffice development team but according to [link] you are in the Design team, right ?

If it's true, congratulations.
Is there a chance that these mockups be coded and added to a future version ?
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that's really a great view of a NEW "Office" oriented tool interface. Great Job !
ThoriumKnight's avatar
I would use LibreOffice if it looked like that :D
M4he's avatar
This is gorgeous! That would take LibreOffice so many steps ahead.
This is similar to what I dream of when I think about the word UI. :+fav:
SausageCurtain's avatar
This is stunning.
How long before we can install and enjoy?
aldomann's avatar
LibreOffice needs this for the fourth version! It would imply a huge impulse for its use.
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