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LibreOffice UI Mock-up dark 3

SVG File.

Please read: It's just a unofficial mock-up. I'm not part of LibreOffice development team.

Made in Inkscape / Gimp.
GTK2 Theme: Atolm by SkiesOfAzel -> [link]
Native Icons: Faenza-Dark by Raul Vega -> [link]

I hope you like it and give me your opinion. SVG included, then everyone can to edit and share a modified version under Creative Commons License.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Atribuição 3.0 Unported License. -> [link]

Take a look on the light version...
© 2011 - 2021 pauloup
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Though I have Windows, I have a black theme that looks somewhat similar to this ubuntu-styled setup. Does this svg work with windows?
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Read the desription. It's only a mockup.
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where to get this mod?
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Excellent work. Does Libreoffice give a chanche to this design proposal?
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Hey man, How can I activate the Side Bar on my Libreoffice... I can't find anyone to tell me... I hope yo can explain it to us... thanks a lot... Great Job
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Parabéns Paulo! Excelente mockup, de longe o melhor já feito pro BrOffice/LibreOffice. Me dá uma vontade de aprender a mexer com esses códigos pra tentar botar na prática, mas deve ser foda pros desenvolvedores.... Quem sabe um dia né? Por enquanto eu tô usando as barras na lateral, mas não é tão intuitivo por não mostrar opções em menus de lista.... Mesmo assim, a interface iWork/Kword é a melhor que tem pra editor de texto.
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I like your work. I really like when options and menus are on the sides and lots of space is given to the actual document. I would even go further and suggest you drop entirely the menu bar at the top to maximize the available space. You can then have central button like in Opera or MS Office 2010 and the menus usually in the menu bar appear in a box.

I don't know blender, but it seems to me that your idea also resembles Adobe Acrobat, Photoshop or Illustrator with small tool icons on the side that transform into something more complete once clicked
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Hi! Thank you for your comment! Yeah, you're right. It reminds a little of Adobe Premiere too. I was influenced by many softwares, but mainly Blender.
The design is really good... for the mac users.

What about windows users ? Linux ?
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These mockups are under an Ubuntu (linux) theme... LOL
This is really great. With 16:9 screen aspect ratios being the norm, it just makes plain sense to utilise the extra screen space.
The additional benefit is that you get something that visually stand out from the competition (M$ Word Ribbon) while at the same time uses the best suited area for the controls.

Do you have any further plans with this ~paulop? I would love it if you got in touch with the LibreOffice team, at least just to keep the notified. Maybe work on it enough to actually have it implemented? Maybe get hired by them? :)
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Hi! Thanks for your comment. Well, the LibreOffice team already knows and I've putting myself available for help them if they want. :)
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I was going to make a mockup for LibreOffice with the same concept but I don't think that it wouldn't have looked that good ;-)

I have two additional suggestions:
There seems to be a button in every area for customizing it. I would prefer if it worked like in Firefox. Just right click the area and select customize, then customize it via drag and drop.

If a global menu is used like in Unity the menu items should be displayed there and disappear from the program.
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Thank you for your opinion and tips!
The button you said, actually should offer a menu with More Opitions. When you use a opition from the "More Opitions" menu, it become a button if there is space. It was my thinking. :). I agree with you, the customization in any toolbar should be done by right-click.
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Very good idea men, it's obvious for me that this is the most optimal solution for the libre-office user interface. Good Work :)
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