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Color - Superman All Star

This is for a cover contest from a local comics distributor (Devir).
Colors by me, lineart by Arthur Medeiros.
--> Photoshop 7, mouse, headache, joy. =)

Superman (c) DC Comics.
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© 2005 - 2021 pauloskinner
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I am weary of all the different Superman stories. Crisis on Infinite Earths was not enough.

In "All Star Superman" he is dying from having oversaturated his cells with solar energy, and, tho his inmeasurable superstrength was tripled and a new super-power appeared, his cells were bursting and disappearing (apoptosis) and he had only a year to live.

His origin was changed over & over. DC has messed up every character in its entire stable. I no longer have any thing to do with DC.

The same for Marvel, and even for Sonic.
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Superman standing for Truth, Justice, and an American Way
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...Until he renouced American citizenship. But still, he stands for Truth, Justice and Freedom. As he should.
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beautiful wonderful perfect
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Incredible job! =)
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great awesome work a great superman.
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WOW! Great pic.
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geralmente prefiro o batman, mas isso e muito muito bonito. gosto muito da tecnica, das cores... belo!
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Muito obrigado ^^
Faz tempo que fiz esse, mas ainda é um dos meus preferidos, ainda lembro muito bem da dor de cabeça que eu estava enquanto fazia as cores, mas acho q valeu a pena :)
ps - adorei sua galeria!
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sim, sim, valeu a pena. (e adoro o seu icono tambem :D )
e muito obrigada pelo fav e pelo comentario!
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You are very talented
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Whoa! Thats amazing!
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looks like he's been working out! how does superman workout? benchpress planets?
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Haha I think so! Hey more cowbells! Cool avatar!
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Thanks for commenting :)
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