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Secret origins 02 Starfire page 11

This page had some revisions.
The one with the guy lying on the bed , on first panel, was rejected
No problem with the art, but they decided to revise some part of the script and was necessary to modify some pages that already were ready
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[Otima página!
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Very nice. I liked seeing this Starfire fighting for her life.
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I remember her first origins comic, it had some sexual undertones.
OcioProduction's avatar
why Barry Windsor Smith on the wall? XDXD
Cara, a DC precisa de mais desenhistas como você!!! Parabéns, tua arte é incrível!!!
...I guess the outright suggestion she was a sex slave was too much for the kids.

....It really is, isn't it? I mean this isn't an adult comic. Maybe it should be...
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Do they pay you extra to handle significant changes like that?
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 Gorgeous, Paulo!
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Man that seems like a time consuming revision.
BrenoRanyere's avatar
dá muito trabalho refazer uma página?
alexandrenascimento's avatar
fantástico... inspirador!!!!
JBarraxJr's avatar
excellent as usual. Thanks for posting the original. :-)
Muito chato isso...depois de pronto, resolvem mudar.
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I will take the left one right one leads to under age story problems unless she suppose to have started off as a 18 year old in trouble.
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The left stills has sexual undertones to it(it's just subtle) and why would it be a story problem? Sexual slavery happens at all ages. We don't have to pretend that it only happens to people 18+, especially considering most sex slaves are under that age. And that was the case in her old origins.
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true I was meaning the fight vs the sex lol which one is more of a fight lol.
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Trampo foda Paulo \o.
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did you draw the redo on a separate paper or was it digitally added? or did you really redraw EVERY SINGLE LINE IN PENCIL?!
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Crazy how you had to redesign the backgrounds...great job but sorry you had to do that.
nexcolors's avatar
How did you edit it? Did you erase the part of the panel or switched on a photoshopped copy?
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That had to be such a pain in the butt to do all those
changes to an already perfect page...
Then you do the impossible and make it more perfect.
I hope you got paid twice.;)
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Thanks for sharing that change.
Cannot wait until you start accepting commissions again.
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Love seeing the progression of how these changes and revisions happen - the art is amazing for both, and gives you two concepts of the story that are both pretty fun.

Always, always love seeing your posts!
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