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Punch Fight Fuck

By paulorocker
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hellbilly for life!
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I hope this is a real person. nice work.
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Just to get me stoned!
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"Loaded fists of fury, doin what I do
And I'm spittin in your face because I'm dominatin you
Livin hard and doin time cuz I don't give a f**k
I've been beat down and thrown around and now you're out of luck"

Always glad to see another III inspired piece from you! =]
Take 'er easy, Dude.
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Hank 3 is really inspiring
thanks, bro
MouseDenton's avatar
Looks like someone already did lol
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good stuff brother
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Douwe-Dijkstra's avatar
haha fucking great!
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This is great... it's like, it IS Jesco, but at the same time it isn't.
He was on his "tour" of sorts and came through Birmingham a little over a week ago and my wife and I went to go see the show. I was literally AMAZED at all the people there, not to mention the range of people there. Soccer moms, frat a-holes and sorority girls... a lot of them probably not even sure who Jesco is... or hadn't until they had seen the movie, and besides that, didn't enjoy any other kind of the punk-a-billy music going on that night.
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Jesco really rocks.
And there will always be this kinda people, right?
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I'm not a violent person, and even I want to hit him!
Great art!
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Hhahah, hes already been hit
gensanity's avatar
Awesome image
Love the beard
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