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Stranger Things Demogorgon

In last weekend I watched the new series of Netiflix called "Stranger Things" I just loved everything that was done, I decided to drawing an infographic showing the creature ( Demogorgon or Faceless) with references to one of the scenes in which she appears.
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Ah, the nail bat! Too bad it never showed up in Season 3.
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I guess it's not effective against Kalashnikovs :)
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thx. i have been dealing with a faceless monster problem for quite a while
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now we just have to deal with the shadow monster…
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 Have you seen season two yet it is so awesome.  By the way I lurve your art.
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Oh my gosh. Lol *luvs Stranger Things*
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hey i am doing a stranger things fan art video and would like to use your artwork you will receive all credit and i will have a link in the description. I will send you the link when completed. 
love the pose and attention to detail. :)
I love this. The demogorgon was my fave character on S1. I like how you gave him a lil toothy tongue. That's so cute.
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Love this mate!
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I like the "Burn In Hell" and the pointing out the bloodstain details.
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Lol Lighter And Gasoline (Burn In Hell) Good Touch :D
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Omg that so cool! :D 
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you also need a lot of armed men and a telekinetic girl
I just tweeted a link to this on Twitter to some of the actors.  It's a really good piece.
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