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PSD Folder Template



As you guys asked, a Photoshop template file that allows you to create your own folder icons for TV series, movies, music etc.


After you're done creating your folder, save it as a PNG file.

If you use Windows, you'll have to convert the PNG to an ICO file (just google "PNG to ICO converter" and you'll find something useful). That's it, it's done.

For Mac is a little bit different, you'll have to convert the file twice to get it done.

1) You'll have to convert it from PNG to ICNS (you might find something on Google to convert it). You must save the ICNS file in all available sizes (from 16x16 to 512x512). You don't have to save one at a time, because the ICNS file includes all of them in one single file. I use an Apple software called "Icon Composer" that does that automatically, so I don't know how other softwares do that.

2) Then you have to convert it from ICNS to RSRC (I recommend a free software called "Icns2Rsrc").

That's it, now you replace the icons, as taught in the tutorials available inside each icon pack.

Creating your folders (Quick Tutorial):

First, open Photoshop. Open the image you wanna use and drag it to the folder file. In the "Layers" window, drag the image to the "Template" folder. Your image must be the first thing on the folder, above the "Front". Adjust your image position (how you'd like it on your folder). Now select the "Front" layer and press "W" on your keyboard. Click outside the front image (the gray one). The outside will be selected. Now select your TV Series image and press "Delete". Now your image should be shaped like the folder. With the image layer selected, apply the Inner Shadow effect, then adjust it the way you like it.

I hope y'all get it right. Any doubts, feel free to ask.

See ya! Hope you enjoy it.

Visit my gallery and download hundreds of TV Series folders: [link]
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Awesome, nice work! thanks so much