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Environment information pages

A personal project which will be launched somewhere in 2010.

15 hours

Illustrator CS4, Photoshop CS4, Itunes

Comments, favs and critique are appreciated
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Hello there!

Very inspiring and beautiful web-design I must admit!

I showcased it in my website here - 55 Trendy Web Design Interfaces From Deviantart.

Let me know if everything is okay, or maybe you don't like to be featured, just tell me and I will take it off. Let me know and thanks for your time!
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Thanks for including me again :) Really appreciated! :D
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very clean and appealing, it's easy on the eyes yet makes a statement. Well done.
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:) Good to hear you like it mate
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:D I like...

Maybe make the dark grey slightly lighter? The contrast between this and everything else makes my eyes draw to it. Apart from this I would say very well done...
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Wow, great job mate! One of your bests if you ask me!
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Every element is in the perfect place.
Clean and still interesting, very good work my friend!
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Thanks for the compliment my friend! :)
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great work, I really like this one :)
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Thanks mate :)
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ziet er zeker strak uit man, je bent goed bezig...

een klein puntje though:

bij dat kaartje van Nederland heb je leuk gebruik gemaakt van die gradient, punt is echter dat het verloop van het gehele land niet overeen stemt met de kleur van onze alom geliefde waddeneilandjes :)

if you'll fix that it's totally perfect

netjes gedaan, complimenten!
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Hmmm, goed punt. was me niet opgevallen eigenlijk :O
Bedankt verder man :)
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Nice work, I love the way you faded the clouds and sky to white. very soft and smooth. Perfect for larger browsers. The colors work very well together and it gives off a nice layered effect with the slight gradients. On the right side, are those grey buttons going to act like an accordion menu? There were only two things I did not fall in love with. The gradient separating the main content area and the side bar should follow all the way down(it seems to cut away near the blue box) my eyes don't know how to read it and I get confused on the depth. The poles for the top sign with the site logo don't look rounded. if you add a tiny gradient back to dark grey on the right it will give them a more rounded look. Other than that excellent work man! I always love seeing the new sites you come up with!
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Thanks mate :) I always keep in mind bigger resolutions should see a website on a proper way 2.
The menu on the right wont have submenu's. The buttons you see are the buttons you get. Nothing more then mouseovers :)

It does cut away, ive tried to pull it down to the bottom but in my eyes it didnt fit well.
Thanks for the suggestion :)

Good to hear you like my designs :)
Thanks bud
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I also love the tabs on the right side. It really helps each section stand out and draw your attention. (sorry forgot to add that >_<.)
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nice and clean design. god job :-)
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Ziet er goed uit gozer!
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