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I saw this and went out loud: "WHOAAAA!" and immediately set it as my desktop background.
The past and the present converged. Where did you find this?
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I did not do this, I drew another site
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Amazing, where you found your stock ? Please :)
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Like for pinapples! And also ciborg tiger that is so badass!
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This is so creative!
whats with the random pinaples lol
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That is pretty creative. Neat.
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This is awesome!
TazounsBones's avatar
Wonderfull manipulation, but i can't help but wonder what happened to it's hind leg.

From a personal view and tis true, taste can be argued, i would've used another object for the eyepiece.
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Absolutely beautiful manipulation here mate, I have no idea how this hasn't gone viral yet!
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Wow, how didn't I see this before? This is amazing! The picture itself could mean a lot of different things (About technology taking over nature and such) but that point aside, it looks plain awesome!
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