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Dear all,

if you would like to watch my work in progress,
welcome to visit my facebook art page,
all my work in progress will update to there before finish.……


To whom may concern,

I'm Paullung, the people who drawn the cats,
but I need to clarify that, and I so sorry that don't know how come and
who feature the photo together with my drawing,
I noted if you search my name "paullung" in google,
you will found a lot of website or forum talking about my drawing,
for example, in the below link,…
some of them feature that photo together with my drawing.
so sorry that if make you disappointed and mis-leading,
I try to clarify this on those website, forum, but some of them is not english,
and also need to open an account, too many and difficult to read thousand of them,
so, I try to clarify here.

my page :…
my facebook page :…,

And the photo were took by the photographer name Alexander

would you mind to help to update or revise the message?
cos I don't people mis-leading and this is not good to me.
Thanks for your kind help!!!

dear all friends,
my all latest work and drawing step by step all in……
Hi, my friend, just started my new drawing,
the 5th time to draw SaiLo.…


Hi my friend, if you like to add me in your facebook friend like, please search paullung in there!!! see you there!!

Hi my friends,
here is my new drawing, close to finish, will update to here soon!!!!…

I've been here for 3 years, its seem more and more Hong Kong people here, I would like to know any Hong Kong artist here? should we arrange a gathering to meet together?
Hi friends, just start another new cat drawing,
please come to visit the wips....…

Hi, friends, I will go to osaka tomorrow.
see you next month!!…


hi, my friends, I will go to Osaka next week la....
see you next month!!…
Hi, after 4 days working on it.....…
Hi my friend,
my new drawing of cat update.…
thanks for watch!

I will come to Osaka at the end of Sep. Any friend live there? or we can meet?

Two more update, close to finish la!!!!……
Hi, thanks for the comment and watch.
Upto now, totally around 20 hours work.
Day 6 :…


Again, drawing day 5 update.…
Hi, thanks for visit and day 4 update.
I draw around 2 to 3 hours a day.…
hopefully I can finish within 14 days!