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Mocha finish

By paullung
Dear all great friends, hi, is me again, thanks for watching my drawing of Mocha.
Yes, same as the past, I don't have much time to reply on each comment,
at work, at home to draw...... BTW, I would like to thanks everyone who watch or comment on my drawing,
thanks! Merry Christmas and happy new year!!!!
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© 2004 - 2021 paullung
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CheezayBallz's avatar
you are an amazing artist!!
radosiewka's avatar
That cat looks so realistic :wow: Great job :D
Gironimo's avatar
oh my god how long did you need to finish it? these details are amazing! excellent job :)
MirandaPen's avatar
All puffy with glassy eyes, love it!
ocsana's avatar
i love the expression on his face :D
rhythmicsoul's avatar
OH MY SOUL!! this si incredible!! how long did this take, what pencils did u use? wow i dont know what to say!
Zbih's avatar
oh my GOD !!! I don't know what to write more
Skysyushka's avatar
Piara's avatar
WilliamBerni's avatar
wow.. speechless!
rahulphilips's avatar
YOU ARE TRULY A GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'v just started graphite sketching.. so plzplz help me man!!!!!!!!!!
will u?
OwlStorm's avatar
This could not be any better... it is pure pencil perfection. You are a god among men.
hoschie's avatar
wow, wonderful paintings.

I have one Question:
How do you paint the white lines (whisker etc.) ?
paullung's avatar
thanks, the white line...actually I remain the white line, not drawn it. sorry for my poor english, not sure can I tell it clearly....
hoschie's avatar
'That doesn´t matter, my English is very poor, too =D
Although, your cat drawing is amazing!!!
zabuza's avatar
Holy christ it's fluffy
Rita-Ria's avatar
Makes me speachless! The eyes are totally incredible good!
Lempo's avatar
WOW this drawing is amazing, no wonder you dont have much time to reply you must have spent forever drawing this, its so detailed
SunIsOnFire's avatar
It's absolutely unbelievable to think that that's not a photograph. I swore it was, even after I saw it wasn't. The texture and the shading and the composition... and the perfection. Wow.
amfiria's avatar
OMG how sweet kitty :aww: I love it :aww:
burningrose's avatar
This is so well done... I really feel like I could pet that get... unreal... you are extraordinary
inchworm's avatar
Your drawing amazes me. I believe it is the best I have ever seen, I'm going to watch you :)
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