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Vector CD and CD Case Template

I designed this some time ago to show as a mockup for a cd cover and cd label. Yes, I know there are a number of really good templates of this sort already on deviant art, but mine is FULL VECTOR (.eps file). Well, almost full vector -- the only thing that is not vector is the sample artwork I used. But you can easily ungroup the clipping mask for it and add in your own artwork (vector or otherwise). I did my best to organize the layers and give meaningful descriptions. Only needs Illustrator CS or higher. I haven't tried opening it with other vector programs, so no promises there. enjoy and comments/feedback are great! also big, big, thanks to cyrusmuller [link] , as I modeled this template off of his own (his was only .psd).
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ywah, thanks apportation. Style simple ideal, totally! ^_^